Pretty scared because I had cancer in the past. Ok so, I just started working for the first time (2 weeks in) and I stand on my feet all day.

My big toe is quite numb like if I rub something on it, it feels really weird like a numb sensation. Also if I flick the bottom of the big toe where the joint is, my whole big toe tingles. If I flick it multiple times it keeps tingling. I have off it and wearing socks for a couple days now and put inserts in my shoe, and it still hasn't gotten better. Any suggestions on what this is ? Pls help I'll choose a best answer.

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    5 years ago
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    Pressure on a nerve in your foot caused by standing all day, probably in unsuitable footwear. People who are on their feet all day need to be wearing flat shoes with good shockabsorbing soles. Wearing heels will put too much bodyweight onto the ball of your foot, resulting in numbness and probably pain too in the long run. You could get your feet and your gait assessed by a podiatrist to see if you over pronate when you walk - roll your foot inwards too much. They might prescribe you an inner sole to put in your shoes to stop you rolling your foot too much.

    Make sure your shoes are also of a wide enough fit. Whenever I've worked on my feet they have got much wider after a while. I now wear wide fitting shoes and that relieves pressure and stops rubbing on the big or little toe and allows the whole of the foot to take your weight correctly.

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