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Best flea medication?

I hear fleas are..becoming immune?(or something) to frontline now. I assume that's why they started selling it OTC.

It works for my dog just fine, he had fleas when I got him(even after the breeder gave him a capstar) and it cleared them right up.

So should I stick with frontline or use a "better" one??

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    I work as a vet tech, and we have no reports of Frontline not working, when it is used every 30 days, year 'round on all dogs and cats in the family. I have used it for years, and have never seen a flea nor tick on any of our pets. Having said that, some are beginning to look at chewable tablets for fleas and ticks. The advantage is that you don't have to wait after a bath, and some don't like the liquid potentially getting onto hands or furniture, etc. We sell a lot of Nexgard, which is also made by Merial, the maker of Frontline. It's a flavored, chewable tablet given once a month for fleas and ticks. Our vets love Trifexis and Comfortis, which are the fastest kill on the market. The benefit for flea-allergic pets is that these two products kill the fleas after just one bite, so the pet gets fewer bites. (fleas bite every 5 minutes, and Frontline can take up to 12 hours to kill them.) So Frontline is just fine if it is working for you and your dog. Ask your vet for one free with the purchase of 3, or 2 free with 6. There are also rebates if you buy Frontline and Heartgard together ----ask your vet.

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    Frontline sucks. It does NOT kill fleas. You should look into comfortis which is a flea pill that works for a whole month and it actually kills fleas. Frontline just makes the fleas that injest it give birth to sterile offspring. Then the sterile offspring can't breed and they die off eventually. My poor dog became a fle magnet everytime we put it on her. They would actually swarm the treatment area so bad we could pull them off with a strip of tape! Get a flea pill like comfortis or trifexus (not sure on the spelling) for the best prevention. Plus a pill won't wash off if your dog likes to swim or needs a bath!

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    I use Comfortis tablets, the fleas drop of after 4 hours, and if he gets a flea on him from a dog park it will drop of within 4 hours and die, I only give him a tablet before the flea season, the vets say give your dog a tablet every month but you don't need to, only just before flea season and summer. They work great, he hasn't had fleas for 4 years.

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    Any flea product - Frontline included - is guaranteed to work by the manufacturer *if* it is purchased at a vet. The best flea products are those your vet sells, and there will be more options there than at any pet store.

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    If it seams to work carry on using it. though you may also want to try daily washing your dog it gets them off it amy sound a little crule but don't force it on him make it seem like its a fun activity and mabey even you get in the bath and act happy about it and even give the dog a massage use warm water to and that usally the best treatment altho it depends if you have time for that...

  • Why people are using pesticides on their dogs every single month is beyond me. They don't put poison on their bodies every single month (or ever, for that matter). I have five rescues and plenty of fosters in and out of my house and I never feed them pills (even worse) or put tropical pesticides on them. I also never have a problem with fleas OR ticks even though we go for hikes 4 times a week and daily walks. I just use my own all natural 100% organic flea, tick, black fly, and mosquito repellant. I use it on myself as while during our hikes. Before you continue to use this on your dog please do some research and see the horrible things it has done to other peoples dogs...

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    If it works for you why change, it hasn't worked for ticks for several years, Advantix II does work. I've never had a flea problem, only ticks.

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    Trifexis is great if get an ap4 and get sentinel spectrum

    Source(s): Worked for vet hospital
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