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I hate my life so much. Can anyone help?

Every day in high school, I feel like I'm a tool to anyone. People take advantage of me when I help them, I have horrible teachers who can't teach(they're in clack amass high school). I try my best, but in the end, everyone I know always look down on me. Even my parents! I don't want to live anymore because no one is giving me a chance to be happy. I'm always made fun of, I've gotten detention every time when someone else did stupid things and now, I want to get rid of everyone who went against me or get rid of myself. Can anyone help me?

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    hugs god cares. hes is trying to ee if u can care aout everyone purely even though its hard.god wants us to be careing and is testing ur purity. god also want us to love god and love good peopel who care . if u wnt il be ur friend. email me or facebook camaro codybattery use messges il see it

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    I could totally relate with you I once even tought to bring a gun and shoot every single one of my enemies then I though my family doesn't have a gun.

    but if you want to feel like a someone for once why don't you try to be friendly and look at the better side of thing for example.

    My mom slapped me....because she loves me

    She has higher grades even if she always fails her exam; she wont succeed life when she grows up

    dont give up on life because your having problems now because your life is gathering all your luck for you to be successful one day. Be patient

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    Talk to people, your school, family. Your parents don't look down on you, they love you. Try and meet new people, just be yourself. The worst thing that you can do in these circumcises is to keep it to yourself, you will just get more and more depressed, talk to people. Have a discussion with your parents, tell them whats wrong and see if they can fix it. Join new clubs, ie, football, badminton, cadets, tennis, chess, practically anything you find fun and where you can meet new people and find new friend.

  • 5 years ago

    I think that you should do something you like, read a book, eat some ice cream, or find a therapist.

    But not EVERYONE is bad. there has to be at least one person who is nice to you.

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