WS: Golden Era 1984-1992, New Generation Era 1993-1997, Attitude Era 1997-2001, Ruthless Agression Era 2002-2008, Universe Era 2008-present?

Which WWE Era do you prefer and why?

1. Golden Era/Hulkamania Era (Jan. 1984 - Dec. 1992)

-Hogan won the WWE World Champ and birth of Hulkamania

-Rock n Wrestling

-The Beginning of WrestleMania

-Mega Powers Exploded

-Best Wrestlers (e.g. Hogan, Savage, Andre, Warrior, Piper, etc)

-Debut of Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, & SummerSlam

-End of Hulkamania

2. New Generation Era (Jan. 1993 - July 1997)

-Departure of Hogan

-Begining of Monday Night Wars (WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro)

-Debut of King of the Ring (PPV)

-Debut of In Your House

-Best Wrestlers (Bret, HBK, Taker, Austin, Razor, Diesel, Yokozuna, etc)

-Austin 3:16

-The Hart Foundation vs. USA

Attitude Era (Aug. 1997 - Dec. 2001)

-Montreal Screw job

-Begining of Monday Night Wars (WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro)

-Austin won the WWE World Champ

-Rise of DX

-Three faces of Foley

-Death of Owen Hart

-McMahon-Helmsley Era

-The Great one

-Brothers of Destruction

-Debut of SmackDown

-Invasion of WCW & ECW Alliance

-Best Wrestlers (e.g. Austin, Rock, HHH, Taker, Kane, Foley, etc)

Ruthless Agression Era (Jan. 2002 - Jul. 2008)


-Get the f out

-Brand extension

-Death of Eddie Guerrero

-Death of Chris Benoit

-Return of ECW

-Best Wrestlers (Angle, Cena, Brock, Eddie, Benoit, Orton, Batista, Edge, DX, etc)

Universe Era (Jul. 2008 - Present)

-PG Era

-CM Punk's Pipe Bomb

-Debut of NXT

-Return of The Rock

-Sting's Debut

-WWE Universe

-Edge's retirement

-Best Wrestlers (Cena, Orton, Reigns, Rollins, Edge, CM Punk, Bryan, Ambrose, Wyatt, etc)

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    I like the first one best, 1984-1992.

    The explosion of the mega powers is still one of my all time favorite storylines with one of my all time favorite superstars, Macho Man, during my favorite phase of his (love the 80s cape/robe look with the goggles more than the 90s look with the cowboy hat). Just about anything Macho Man from this time period is just golden, not just Ricky Steamboat and Hulk, but also Bad News Brown who said Elizabeth was "doing favors'' for president Jack Tunney, Jake Roberts in the "trust me" phase, Dusty Rhodes, and especially Ric Flair.

    Going back to 1984 and looking at clips of not only Dr. D David Schultz slapping John Stossel, but also Dr. D's interviews/promos up till he was gone, is just something else. I think Dr. D was awesome even when he was saying something racist, and he should be put in the Hall of Fame just for slapping Stossel.

    I also just love Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura on commentary.

    Loved Demolition, and the other tag teams were a golden era with the British Bulldogs, Hart Foundation, Brain Busters, Rockers, etc.

    Bret vs Davey Boy at Summerslam 92 was one of the best PPV matches at the time, and I loved all the Summerslams from this time frame. Even the awful matches like Undertaker vs Kamala, which was also at 1992.

    Loved JYD, Brother Love, Model Rick Martel, Ravishing Rick Rude, Ultimate Warrior, Sensational Sherri, Miss Elizabeth, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Shawn Michaels when he had split with Marty Jannetty, etc.

    You had Hulk Hogan in matches that were not so good, but Hulk was so over that the audience still cheered and that's worth listening to as well as Jesse Ventura hating on Hulk.

    I even love Hulk vs Undertaker at Survivor Series 1991, as terrible as that was.

    Just so much to love about WWE 1984-1992. Probably the only bad thing about it was the Sgt Slaughter Iraqi sympathizer angle in late 90 to 91. And also that Rock N Wrestling cartoon which was just awful.

    That's why it should be called the "Golden Era"

  • 5 years ago

    Ruthless Aggression Era.

  • Jacob
    Lv 5
    5 years ago

    Ruthless Aggression era

  • Candle
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    You kind of glossed over the failed invasion angle, but Ruthless Aggression and the Golden Era were my favorite. I loved the no-nonsense vibe of Ruthless Aggression and the push of talent over charisma or look, and I loved the hokey fun Rock n' Wrestling, including the poorly dubbed and animated cartoon that came with it. Wrestling was at it's pinnacle then with celebrities in the audience that people recognized and not just sport's stars or people paid to host to shill their latest project.

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  • Rhys
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    It's hard to say.

    I usually just prefer the time from 98-2004. That was when there were barely any time filler superstars. Everyone had an angle and storyline. And most of them are good just because of the superstars in those storylines

  • 5 years ago

    Golden era, because that`s when I became a fan.

  • 5 years ago

    2011-Present Reality Era there is another Era which is present now.

    I prefer Attitude Era.There was Austin.Rock,Kurt,Kane,Undertaker,Jericho,And so many more.

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