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請幫忙翻譯文章 中翻英 論文

銀飾就是小型的雕塑,雕鑄過的銀飾具立體層次,讓銀飾的線條、筆觸更加明顯,這樣的銀飾具生命感,與配戴者產生交互影響而成為一體,銀飾迷人之處盡在於此。 本論文命題為微雕之絆,在於以「微」觀的角度,「絆」隨牽引出新的觀念,盼能定位銀飾作為傳世藝術作品的價值。我們假設銀飾的形體是一種空間,將空間指向形體塑造之結構,將結構注入生命力,把感性從觀念限制裡解放出來,看銀飾被賦與永恆的樣貌。我們要探討的是空間、與精神的特質,就要從結構主義的傳承與克萊因的創作這兩大架構談起。

結構主義的藝術流派傳承,源頭從印象派對傳統的突破說起,追求描繪光影手法與構圖上的重新詮釋,而塞尚對色彩與光影前所未有的分析,以及其後畢卡索立體派對線條與構成的重新定義,慢慢刻畫出結構主義的雛形,這個種子一路在塔特林從立體派的後續延伸中慢慢發芽,最後終在1919年《第三國際紀念碑》的創作中確立了結構主義的誕生。 結構與解構的脈絡也是在理解建築,建築內部存在著看不到的結構,探討了如何撐起、站立、組織的技術,與銀飾一般都是從無到有,在定義空間後創造其中的價值,建築無論是結構主義的幾簡線條或是解構主義上對外框的重新定義,將之運用在銀飾上則產生了藝術性,跨越銀飾與建築的界線,就能在小小的銀飾上看到建築的精髓,也能豐富銀飾的造型美。 克萊因從著名的藍色系列單色畫,到顛覆了傳統藝術的實驗藝術作品; 對藝術的定義、藝術的界限提出了挑戰,預告了日後許多藝術潮流的出現。 源自結構主義與克萊因的啟發來分析自己的銀飾創作,探討銀飾在藝術流派傳承的連帶關係 ; 以及克萊因的精神啟發,視銀飾為小型的雕塑品,使其從傳統框架中跳脫,注入精神,賦予銀飾全新的樣貌。

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    Silver is a small sculpture, carved silver cast off a three-dimensional level, so that silver lines, strokes more obvious, such as silver with a sense of life, and wearers generate interaction and become one, silver charm all in this.

    In this paper, the proposition for the trip miniature, lies in the "micro" Viewpoint, "trip" with the pulling out of new ideas in the hope of locating silver as masterpieces of art value. We assume silver body is a space, the physical shape of the space point structure, the structure inject vitality to the concept of emotional freed from restrictions, watching silverware is endowed with timeless appearance. We want to explore the space, and the spiritual qualities, we should talk about inheritance and from structuralism Klein creation of these two architectures.

    Structuralist school of art heritage, the traditional source of a breakthrough from Impressionism to start, the pursuit of depicting reinterpret light on techniques and composition, color and light and Cezanne unprecedented analysis and subsequent Picasso party lines and constitute a perspective redefinition, slowly depicts structuralism prototype, the seeds germinate slowly all the way in Tatlin follow-up extending from Cubism, and finally structuralism eventually established in 1919. "Third International Monument to the" creation of born.

    Structure and Deconstruction is in understanding the context of the building, inside the building there are invisible structure, we discuss how to hold up, standing, organizational skills, and silver are generally from scratch, which create value in the definition of space building whether it is a few simple lines of structuralism or deconstruction redefinition frame will apply them in the silverware is produced art, silver and buildings across boundaries, you can see the building in a small silver the essence, but also rich silver style beauty.

    Klein from the famous Blue series of monochromatic paintings, experimental art wor

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