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HELP ASAP Puppy just got second round of shots and is now acting strange! What to do??

My 15 week old Sheltie:

I took her to the vet day Tuesday for her second total round of vaccinations. That included her Bordetella and her Booster shots. One was a shot, the other went in through her nose.

She was tired the rest of that day, but the vet said to expect this. Other than that, everything was fine.

I get home from work today (about 30 hours later), and usually she runs up and greets me. Tonight, she didn t move, just looked up. Her head was swaying from side to side, and she just didn t look right. I gave her more food, water, and a bit of nutradrops (a sugary substance to help with low blood sugar in puppies). No change. She ate everything, drank, and had the nutradrops, but no change in overall attitude. I tried playing with her with her favorite toy. No change. She would react, but not normally. She would still do normal things, like itch her ear or kick her leg when I rubbed her belly. But she doesn t stand for very long and when she does, she s a bit wobbly.

Please help. I plan on calling the vet tomorrow as soon as they open and demand they see her. Any ideas of what this could be?

P.S. something else to note, since her vet visit, she s been out playing at a farm. So she s been very active up to tonight. So, I m allowing the idea of "she s just tired" to enter my mind. Please just give me any and all ideas. She s asleep now, but I can t bring myself to fall asleep... I m too scared.


Update: To everyone freaking out and saying all this and that: thank you for the concern, but you were extremely wrong.

My dog was completely fine in the morning, and has been since. She is eating, playing, happy as can be.

I'm updating this so in the future, if someone runs into a similar problem, instead of reading all the posts telling me to spend hundreds of dollars at an ER vet, that you should wait it out. My vet is very reputable and would not put my dog in harm's way.

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    If the running out on a farm is something new since her vaccines, I would say that is more likely the culprit than the vaccines because that's a whole lot more activity than her body is used to. That piled onto the vaccines could be why you're seeing her so tired.

    If she has been spending the day out in the farm since before the vaccines, then I would give your vet a call to let them know what is going on and see what their recommendation is. Make sure you make it clear that you believe this to be a reaction to multiple vaccines.

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    This condition is called vaccinosis and it is brought on by giving too many vaccine ingredients at one time (too close together.) This can be a deadly and permanently disabling condition. Your regular vet is NOT appropriate for this emergency situation. You need to go to an emergency room (a reputable one.) She needs an antidote to these vaccines. None of this is normal. The vaccines have overwhelmed her poor little immune system to the point of potentially killing her. Shelties are one of the most vulnerable breeds and very sensitive to vaccines. The fact that your vet didn't recognize this is criminal. If you can't get to an emergency room get an emergency appointment with an alternative vet who understands vaccinosis and can see your dog TODAY. You should notify your vet which emergency room you took your dog to so that he understands how serious it is to give a puppy multiple vaccines at a time. This vet is costing you money and he may even have cost your dog her life.

    As a side note, the American Animal Hospital Association states that vaccines can last an animal up to 7 years and sometimes life. Bordatella is a totally unnecessary vaccine as it only addresses the common cold and carries with it unnecessary risk as you can see by your own puppy's reaction. The rabies shot should NEVER be give to a dog under 1 year old. It can kill. A booster shot (5-Way) should never be given with other vaccines. A 7-Way is totally criminal for any animal let alone a puppy or a sheltie. Just because a company makes it and your vet endorses it doesn't make it good. Read more here.

    Please choose an alternative vet to treat your animal from now on. You don't have to accept alternative treatments if you don't want to - you just need their opinion and advise. One of the most common treatments for vaccinosis is the cold laser and accupuncture so look for an alternative vet offering those options.

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    I can't comment re the vaccination other than mine have always had the full set, other than Bordetella in the nose at the same time, with no reaction. BUT some dogs do react. Whether this is what's going on idk, or whether she did get into something when playing at the farm. Whatever the case, I'd not leave this for morning - I'd be finding an Emergency Vet... now. Your regular vet should be told, so he knows re future boosters.

    She could well be quiet for 24 hours after her shots (was she like this after the first set?) but not this long afterwards. I'd suggest something else may be going on.

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    Sadly, you do not say how many vaccinations precisely, she got. But it sounds like she got a HUGE booster shot, with WAY too many vaccinations at once & bordetella should NEVER be given at the same time, as core vaccines. My breed is very prone to vaccine reactions so we KNOW to be very careful & to strictly limit the vaccinations given and to space them out by two to three weeks between shots. I also go to a holistic vet that gives nosodes to help prevent vaccine reactions ans she only used certain manufacturers. Too many US vaccine makers have had FDA recalls or bad reactions to their products or the vectors used to make their vaccines. Under NO CICUMSTANCES should you have ANYTHING given BUT rabies, if/when you get rabies.

    Frankly I would not use anything but Pfizer vaccines, since Merial is not making any for the US market

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    Honestly, if this were my puppy, I'd get to the vet tonight. She shouldn't be this bad this long after her shots. I wish you the best, and I would at least call an emergency vet. Good luck.

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    If she's been out playing at a farm she may well have got into something she shouldn't, such as rodent poison. She may also have overdone the exercise. Either way, you should get her to the vet ASAP.

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    Puppies just like children may run a fever after vaccination and be lethargic. However, if you feel she is really looking ill you SHOULD be taking her back for a recheck whether she was just there this morning or not.

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    Call the vet now, not tomorrow.

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