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Andrew asked in 社會及文化語言 · 6 years ago

A Funny story{10 mark}

A funny story

but i can talk about 1 minutes and 30 second


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  • 6 years ago
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    A funny story would be causing fun or amusement story. It includes a strange,queer, causing surprise element.There is something funny about the story, something strange,not quite honest (like the two swindlers) or straight forward(like the King walking straight forward !).Let us listen to my oral presentation in 1 min. and 30 sec. with very sensitive nerve passing through you in present tense.

    ----Good morning, my talk about the author Hans Christian Andersen(1805-1875) is about An Emperor who loves clothes---entitled The Emperor's New Clothes.When young,Andersen worked for a tailor and made clothes.Then he begins to write it down as fairy tales.

    ----When two swindlers claim to make the World's best clothes,they go to the palace.They show the Emperor their magic cloth,but only clever people can see it.

    ----Since the magic cloth can be seen only by clever people, they ask for the best silk, gold and diamonds.,pretending to work until late at night.Swindlers swindle money out of Emperor who are easily swindled !!!

    -----When the Chief Minister is sent to see the cloth,he listens carefully to describe the colours and pattern back to the Emperor.

    -----When the Second Minister goes and can not see anything on the new suit, he can not let anyone know about that also.

    -----When the Emperor comes for his suit as light as a feather,seems to have nothing on at all, by looking in the mirror,everyone said that the new suit is wonderful !

    -----They are all afraid that they will look stupid if they can not see the cloth.But a little boy is looking out of a bedroom window and shouted"The Emperor has nothing on !"People hear the little boy's words.One after another they start to laugh,laugh and laugh !The silly Emperor had to walk all the way back to his palace.His face is red,and he feels very silly!And the boy how clever he is.

    -----When you see the illustration on the textbook on "The Emperor has nothing on" it will be a funny comic strips,a strip-tease, a strip-show.

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