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what was the cause and result of the Korean War?

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    The Korean War was caused by an invasion from the Great Leader of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, and he had 4 main factors that caused him to invade the South. They were: 1. The balance of power in Korea favored the North at the time. This was due to a massive military buildup by Sung, as well as material and training support from Russia and China. 2. North Korea had the backing of Russia and China. These two communist giants sought to spread international communism, as well as to support fledgling communist nations. As such, they supported the regime of Kim Il Sung. 3. Due to a speech by the Secretary of State (or maybe the secretary of defense, I forget) at the time, it appeared that the U.S. did not consider South Korea to be part of its defensive perimeter. In a speech, the aforementioned secretary inadvertently didn't mention Korea as being an area that the U.S. would go to war to protect, so Kim Il Sung believed that the US would not support the South if he invaded. 4. The reunification of Korea. Korea had existed as a United nation for millennia, having been divided only a few years before. As such, both sides wanted to reunite the peninsula, though Kim Il Sing sought to do so under his regime. After some seesaw ing fortunes of war. Including a bold invasion by General Mcarthur, the war ended with essentially the same situation as before, the communists in the north, and the dictatorial "capitalists" in the south.

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