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I Need Help Getting "Toned"?

I am a fairly active teenage girl. I like to workout to Tiffany Rothe's 10 Minute Booty Shaking Workouts on Youtube, doing 3 sets daily except for Sunday, and I walk my dog 3 or more times a week for 20-45 minutes (between 1-3 miles, though I want to walk more.. she's just a puppy, and I need to be home in time for dinner). I eat clean and don't eat meat, and the only animal products I will sometimes eat are organic yogurt (grass-fed) and organic honey from my aunt's farm.. I know she treats her animals with care and only takes the milk that her calf doesn't need/isn't hungry for. She loves her bees and never takes too much from them, and I only eat these things in small amounts. I have to eat three meals and three snacks a day (anorexia recovery), a snack being yogurt or fruit and nuts or a Kind Bar or something of the sort and a meal being salad with chickpeas, pecans, lemon juice, spinach, broccoli, dried cranberries and croutons or brown rice with some sort of protein and steamed veggies. I am working on incorporating more "fear foods" though. I love working out (mental and physical relief and relaxation) but I'd like to actually see some results and shrink down my stomach and love handles without really losing a drastic amount of weight. I also want to, for lack of better words, "tone" my legs and arms. I want to see some abs for once.

Thank you for everything!


I forgot to add: I have no gym access and am not allowed to have weights or workout machines because that is when I take it too far. I live in a small town and the gyms are full of creepy men and crappy, dirty, broken equipment..

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    Well it sounds like you're already doing quite a bit of exercise that'll help, but if you want to do more then cycling is definitely good for toning a lot of muscles, as well as doing some workouts for your arms and legs or ab core workouts as well as the "booty shaking workouts" :)

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