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83 恨中錄:惠慶宮日記, 英文求中譯


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the Grand Heir[***] began his for-

― 83 ―

mal studies and, in the same month, performed his capping ceremony at Kyonghfui Palace. The Crown Prince was unable to attend, and so I could not go either. I felt motherly disappointment, but, of course, I was profoundly preoccupied. How did I survive those days?

In that winter the Consort for the Grand Heir was selected. She was of the Ch'ongp'ung Kim, one of the most illustrious lineages and one with a sterling reputation for virtue. Some years before this, my father had been invited to the sixtieth birthday party for Madame Kim, the mother of Minister Kim Songung of the Ch'ongp'ung lineage. My family had enjoyed friendly relations with the Kim family for generations, and Father had gone to Minister Kim's home for the celebration. There he had seen the present Queen when she was a young child and had informed us that Minister Kim's granddaughter was exceptional. My older brother, citing the examples of Queen Sohon and Queen Insu,[*] opined that since the Ch'ongp'ung Kim family was so renowned for virtue, it would be good to select a Ch'ongp'ung Kim as the future queen. But I dared not voice this opinion. My husband noticed her name, entered as the daughter of Kim Simuk, on the list of candidates and was strongly inclined in her favor. She was selected and the wedding took place. Prince Sado treasured and loved his daughter-inlaw. So affectionately was she treated by her father-in-law that when he died, she mourned him with genuine sorrow, young though she was at the time. The passage of time only deepened her fond memories of him. Even now, whenever Prince Sado is mentioned, the Queen becomes tearful. She never forgot the kindness she received long ago.

After the second selection, the bride-to-be of the Grand Heir came down with smallpox, and soon afterwards, the Grand Heir broke out in smallpox as well.


In both cases the symptoms were mild. Still, it was exceedingly worrisome that, with the final presentation close by, both of them, one after another, were struck by a serious illness. One can easily imagine my nervousness. Fortunately, the Grand Heir,

Update 2:

[*] Queen Sohon (1395-1446) was the wife of King Sejong (r. 1418-1450), who was considered the greatest of Choson kings. She was also regarded as having been virtuous and accomplished. She bore eight sons and two daughters. Queen Insu is better known as Queen Sohye (1437-1504).

Update 3:

She was the mother of King Songjong, who, upon his accession, conferred the title of queen upon his mother. She is known for the authorship of Naehun , a book of instruction for women.

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    世孫開始了他的正式研究並且, 於同月, 他的冠禮在慶熙宮舉行. 世子無法出席, 所以我也不能去. 我感到母親的沮喪, 但, 當然, 我是深深的關注. 那些日子我是怎麼活下來的呢?

    那年冬天世孫的配偶被選出來了. 她的本貫是清風金氏, 一個最傑出的血統和帶有優秀美德的聲譽. 在此之前幾年, 我父親曾受邀參加金夫人-清風世系訓錬大將金聖應之母-的六十歲壽誕宴會, 我的家人都很高興與金氏家族後代的友好關係. 而父親也已到金大將的家參加慶祝活動了. 在那兒他見到了現任的王后-當時她還是個年幼的小孩-使我們知道了金大將的孫女非常優秀. 我的哥哥引用昭憲王后和仁粹王后為例, 認為由於清風金氏家族以美德著名, 以清風家族金氏為未來的王后應該是個好選擇. 但我不敢表達這個觀點. 我丈夫注意到了她的名字, 以金時默的女兒進入, 在候選名單中和對她有利的強烈傾向. 她被選上了並舉行了婚禮. 思悼珍惜和愛他的兒媳婦. 她被公公如此充滿深情地對待, 因此他死的時候, 雖然她當時還年輕, 她以真心的悲痛哀悼他. 時間的流逝只加深了她喜歡他的回憶, 即使是現在, 每當提到思悼世子, 王后變得淚水汪汪. 她永遠不會忘記她很久以前受到的和藹的對待.

    [註1] 上段寫的六十歲恐怕是錯誤的數據, 因為在英祖實錄 95卷, 第2張B面記載: 判書金聖應母尹氏, 特賜衣資食物, 年九十二也. 時間為 1760年 1月 18日. 而上段所寫的是1761年冬, 那麼當時的金夫人推估已是九十四歲了. 而之前幾年的壽誕, 不會是六十歲壽誕, 可能為九十歲壽誕之誤吧.

    [註2] 英祖實錄 1761年9月11日, 金聖應爲訓錬大將; 1762年4月2日, 金聖應爲禁衛大將; 世孫的配偶被選出時為 1761年 12月. 因此他當時的官銜仍然是訓錬大將.

    在再揀擇之後, 世孫的待嫁新娘因天花而病倒了, 而不久世孫也爆發了. 這兩個例子, 症狀都很輕微. 然而這是非常令人擔憂的, 因為最終的引見(三揀擇)已近在眼前, 但他們倆一個接一個地被嚴重的疾病攻擊了. 人們很容易想像我的緊張.

    *昭憲王后 (1395-1446) 為世宗大王(1418-1450 在位)-他被視為朝鮮最偉大的國王-的妻子 , 她也被認為是貞潔和有教養的. 她生了八個兒子和兩個女兒. 仁粹王后比昭惠王后(1437-1504)更廣為人知, 她是成宗大王的母親, 在他登基後授予他的母親仁粹王后的稱號. 她以《內訓》-一本教導女人的書-一書的作者著稱.

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