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72 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


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― 72 ―

often chose useful and worthwhile passages from the classics and other books and wrote them out for the Prince. Soon the Prince routinely sent his compositions to Father, who returned them with comments. The Prince, of course, continued his formal studies with his tutors, but he also learned much from his father-in-law. For who among his subjects and officials could desire as sincerely as my father that the Prince would grow to be a sage king, whose peaceful reign would be remembered for ten thousand years? But how sad! How sad!

他常常從經典名著和其他書籍選擇有用和有價值的章節抄錄給世子. 不久世子按例將他的作品送交給父親, 而父親則加註評論再送回. 當然, 世子隨著他的老師持續正式的研究, 但他從他的岳父那兒學到很多. 在他的臣民和官員之間, 有誰能像我父親那樣真誠地渴望世子長大後成為一個賢明的君王, 其和平統治會被記得十萬年? 但多麼可悲! 多麼可悲!

When I first married the Crown Prince, his talent and generosity deeply impressed me. He was also extraordinarily filial. He served his grandmother Queen Dowager Inwon most affectionately. Though he was somewhat afraid of his father, he was utterly devoted to him, and his affection for Queen Chongsong could not have been greater had she been his own mother. In fact, the love and devotion that Queen hongsong and Prince Sado had for each other was something special that inspired admiration. One need not mention his dedication to his mother, Lady Sonhui. Her Ladyship was kind and affectionate by nature, but she was also quite stern. Maternal love did not temper discipline, which always remained strict.

當我跟世子結婚之初, 他的才華和寬厚深深地打動了我. 他也非常孝順. 他最深情地侍奉祖母仁元大王大妃. 雖然他有點惧怕他的父親, 但他完全忠實於他, 而他對貞聖王后的愛和尊重就像她是他自己的母親一樣. 事實上貞聖王后和思悼世子彼此的愛和尊重是特別引起讚美的事.人們不必提及他對自己母親宣禧宮的尊敬. 她天生的寬容和溫柔親切, 但她也很嚴厲. 母愛沒有傾向懲罰, 但總是保持嚴格的紀律.

Consequently, her children stood rather in awe of her, a somewhat unusual thing between mother and child. When her son became the Crown Prince, she did not see fit to impose herself upon him as a mother, and so she treated him with deference.


For instance, she used the most respectful level of speech when speaking to him. She did love him in a special way, but she still refused to let this affect the uncompromising way in which she educated and disciplined him. Thus the Prince was always formal and quite careful in her presence.

Update 2:

These high standards to which Lady Sonhui adhered were not something that ordinary women could easily attain.[*] She loved me very much also, but she treated me exactly as she treated her son. I used to feel rather uncomfortable being treated so deferentially by a mother-in-law.

Update 3:

結果是 她的兒女 都對她 畢恭畢敬 與其他親子關係是有不同. 當她的兒子 被指定為東宮 她認為不再應該用母親的權威來對他.所以也開始對他 畢恭畢敬了, 例如, 她用最恭敬的等級對他說話, 她的確以一種特殊的方式愛他, 但她仍然拒絕讓這影響到她教育, 訓練他的堅定的方式. 因此世子在她面總是循規蹈矩小心翼翼地. 這些宣懿宮所堅持的高標準, 不是普通女人能輕易達到的. 她也很愛我, 但她對我就像對待她兒子一樣, 我覺得很不舒服, 被婆婆如此謙恭地的對待.

Update 4:

Upon entering the palace, I began to serve the Three Majesties. My parents constantly urged me to serve them with filial piety. I was barely ten, but I must have been built sturdily. An important

在進入皇宮之後, 我立即開始服侍三殿. 我的父母不斷地敦促我對他們盡孝道. 我幾乎不到十歲, 但我必須更堅毅.

Update 5:

[*] Lady Sonhui compiled Tobom (Model women), a collection of biographies of exemplary historical women Yongbin Yi Ssi, Tobom (Seoul: Hyongsol ch'ulp'ansa, 1988). 형설 출판사

*宣禧宮彙編讀本, 模範的歷史女性傳記集成暎嬪李氏讀本 (首爾:형설 出版社, 1988)

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    ― 72 ―

    他常常從經典名著和其他書籍選擇有用和有價值的章節抄錄給世子. 不久世子按例將他的作品文送交給父親, 而父親則加註評論再送回. 當然, 世子隨著他的老師家庭教師們持續正式規的研究讀, 但他也從他的岳父那兒學到很多. 在他的臣民和官員之間, 有誰能像我父親那樣真誠地渴期望世子長大後成為一個賢明的君王, 其和平統治會被記得十萬年? 但多麼可悲傷! 多麼可悲傷啊!

    當我跟世子結婚之初, 他的才華和寬厚深深地打動了我. 他也非常孝順. 他最深情地侍奉祖母仁元大王大妃最為深情. 雖然他有點懼怕他的父親, 但他仍完全忠實於他, 而他對貞聖王后至高的愛和尊重就像她是他自己的母親一樣. 事實上貞聖王后和思悼世子對彼此的鍾愛和尊重奉獻是特別引起讚美的特殊事.人們不必提及他對自己的母親宣禧宮的尊敬侍奉是不用說的,她天生的寬容和溫柔親切, 但她也很嚴厲. 母愛沒有傾向懲罰, 但總是保持嚴格的紀律.

    結果是 她的兒女都對她畢恭畢敬相當敬畏, 與其他親子關係是有不同點奇特. 當她的兒子 被指定為東宮 她認為不再應該用母親的權威來對他.所以也開始以不同的態度對他 畢恭畢敬了,例如, 她用最恭敬尊重的等級語語言標準對他說話, 她的確以一種特殊的方式愛他, 但她仍然拒絕讓這此影響到她教育及訓練他的堅定的方式. 因此世子在她面總是循規蹈矩小心翼翼地.這些宣懿宮所堅持的高標準, 不是普通女人能輕易達到的. 她也很愛我, 但她對我就像對待她兒子一樣, , 我覺得很不舒服, 被婆婆如此謙恭地的對待,我常覺得很有點不舒服.

    在進入皇宮之後, 我立即開始服侍三殿位陛下 我的父母不斷地敦促我對他們盡孝道. 我幾乎不到才近十歲, 但我一定曾被結實地訓練必須更堅毅.。 [*宣禧宮彙編讀本, 模範的歷史女性傳記集成暎嬪李氏讀本 (首爾:형설 出版社, 1988)

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