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Conservative, Christian right wingers: are you defending Josh Duggar's molestations because all of his victims were female . . .?

. if they had been male would you still be defending his criminal actions?i.e. Mike Huckabee who is a Christian right winger!!!


I realize that right wingers are stupid as hell, but I did cite a source - Mike Huckabee. read above if you in fact can read.

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    Could you cite one source of anyone who claims to be a Christian defending molestation? Just one.

    Update for questioner.

    Mike Huckabee was very clear that he did NOT defend Duggar's actions, agreeing with Josh that his behavior was inexcusable, but only supported forgiving the man since he had repented.

    Cite something that contradicts that.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Did you ever consider that your making too big a deal about some tabloid filler news? I mean, real child molesters are running around, and you decide to call out some kid with 15 sisters? Why? You know you would have molested them if you had the chance. Admit it.

    Get a life and stop being so judgmental and hypocritical.

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      It's also disgusting how you imply that he simply couldn't control himself in a house full of girls who happened to ALSO be his sisters. Classic "Blame the victim" mentality many male Christers have. You sir, are gross.

  • 5 years ago

    When his dad found out he was molesting his sisters he said "well at least you're not gay."

  • 5 years ago

    Are they trying to defend him? Disgusting.

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