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My longboard sucks?

So I had to go to the store with my brother and dad. We went to ToysRus when I saw the longboards and skateboard, I've wanted one but there were no skate shops around by us and the ones we have gone to are selling them for like $200. Which as a 15 year old, I do not have that kind of money and my parents won't buy it for me. So I got one of the longboard from a child's store. Took it home, and saw how **** the design was. So I spray painted the top on the grup tape. On the bottom of the deck I sanded it and spray painted it adding the designs I like. Obviously, the wheels and truck are awful and I fall at the slightest crack, bump, whatever. I can barely turn. I guess that's what I get for buying it. Do you think I should buy a whole new one, saving up money? Buy new wheels and a truck? Which ones do you recommend? And how much would this cost?

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    If you are getting anything new at all, get a new complete. If you got any quality components you'd be wasting them if you put them on a crappy deck.

    Good brands for decks are: Arbor, Comet, Jet, Original, Landyachtz, Rayne, and Sector 9 (to name a few).

    Good trucks: Caliber, Paris, Gullwing, Bear,

    Wheels: Abec 11, Orangatang, These, RAD, Sector 9, Blood Orange, ...(there are tons of good wheel companies.)

    Bearings and hardware and grip won't matter much for a beginner board so don't worry about those to start.

    A good complete will run you between 170-300 dollars.

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