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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 6 years ago

65 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


There was a gift from Lady Sonhui, an

― 65 ―

ornamental object shaped like an eggplant and made of Japanese pearls. I was told that it had originally belonged to Princess Chongmyong, who had given it to one of her granddaughters on the occasion of her marriage into the Cho family. The Cho family must have sold it afterwards, since Lady Sonhui bought it for me through one of her ladies-in-waiting. It struck me as quite unusual. It could not have been just a coincidence that I, who was descended from Princess Chongmyong, now came to own this object that had belonged to her. But this was not all.

有一份禮物來自宣禧宮, 一個日本珍珠製成形狀像茄子的裝飾物. 我被告知它原本屬於貞明公主, 她將它送給她嫁入趙家的孫女, 而趙家後來賣了它, 宣禧宮透過一位宮女為我買下它. 它給我的印象是很不尋常的. 這不可能只是一個巧合, 因為我是貞明公主的後代, 現在擁有這原本屬於她的物品. 但這並不是全部.

My grandfather had a weakness for paintings. He had once owned an embroidered screen, but one of his servants had sold it after his death.

Strangely enough, Lady Sonhui bought it through a relation of another lady-in-waiting, turned it into a four-panel boudoir screen, and put it in my bedchamber. Father's younger sister recognized it immediately, remarking, "Odd how Grandfather's screen should find its way into his granddaughter's bedchamber here in the pavilion."

我的祖父特別愛好繪畫. 他曾經擁有一個繡屏, 但他的僕人在他死後把它賣了. 奇怪的是, 宣禧宮透過一位宮女的親戚買下它, 把它變成一個四格閨房屏風, 並將它放到我的臥室. 父親的妹妹立刻認出它, 說道 "奇怪, 怎麼在這館裡祖父的屏風會用自己的方式進入孫女的房間."

Lady Sonhui also placed one of her own screens in the pavilion. It was huge, with a dragon embroidered across its eight panels. When Father saw it, he stared at the screen. Then he said to his wife and sisters, "That dragon is exactly the color of the one I saw in my dream the night before my daughter's birth, on the seventeenth day of the sixth month, ulmyo year (1735). I really could not figure it out. Now seeing this, suddenly I can see that it is exactly like the one in my dream.


" My aunt exclaimed how extraordinary it was that Grandfather's screen turned up in my bedchamber and that the dragon in Father's dream should be so like the one in this other screen. The dragon was embroidered in black thread, but gold thread was used for the scales.

Update 2:

Thus what was otherwise a jet black dragon seemed to shimmer with gold. Father still marveled at the dragon. "That one in my dream was not really black, but I could not describe it. This is so similar," he said.

Update 3:

宣禧宮也放了一個她私人的屏風到館裡. 它很巨大, 上面繡著龍橫跨八格. 當父親看到它, 他盯著屏風. 然後他對著妻子和妹妹們說 "那條龍跟我女兒出生前一晚我在夢見的龍一模一樣的顏色, 在六月十七日晚上, 乙卯年(1735), 我真的無法形容. 現在看到這種情況, 突然我看到它跟我夢到的完全一樣."

Update 4:

我的姑媽驚呼祖父的屏風出現在我的臥室, 而且在父親夢中的龍和另一個屏風上的龍如此相像. 是多麼非凡. 龍用黑線刺繡, 鱗片則用金線, 因此像是一條黑色的龍閃閃發光騰空欲起. 父親仍然對這條龍驚嘆不已. "在我夢裡那條龍並非純然黑色, 但我無法形容它. 真的太像了." 他說.

Update 5:

At the bride's pavilion, my parents instructed me on the smallest aspects of daily conduct, teaching me even such things as how to sit and how to lie down. They also exhorted me, "Please serve the Three Majesties with care but, most of all, with filial devotion.

Update 6:

In serving the Crown Prince, always assist him to find the right way. Be prudent in your choice of words." Thus they repeatedly instructed me. Although they counseled, it was always with sympathy and affection. Once, speaking on the subject of speech, Father said,

Update 7:

在新娘閣裡我父母教導我日常行為的最細微處, 甚至教我諸如如何坐下和躺下. 他們還告誡我 "請服侍和照顧三殿, 但最重要的是要有孝心. 在服侍世子時, 總是幫助他找到正確的途徑. 謹慎選擇妳的用詞." 因此他們一再指示我. 雖然他們的建議總是伴隨著同情和摯愛. 有一次, 談到這談話的主題, 父親說,

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    ― 65 ―有一份禮物來自宣禧宮, 一個以日本珍珠製成,形狀像茄子的裝飾物品, 我被告知它原本屬於貞明公主, 她在將它送給她一位嫁入趙家的孫女的婚禮時,將它送給這位孫女, 而趙家後來可能賣了它, 宣禧宮透過一位宮女為我買下它. 它給我的印象是很不尋常的. 這不可能只是一個巧合, 因為我是貞明公主的後代, 現在擁有這原本屬於她的物品. 但這並不是全部只有這件物品。

    我的祖父特別愛好繪畫. 他曾經擁有一個繡屏, 但他的僕人在他死後把它賣了. 很奇怪的是, 宣禧宮透過一位宮女的親戚買下它, 把它轉變成一個四格的閨房屏風, 並將它放到我的臥室. 父親的妹妹立刻認出它, 說道 "奇怪﹗ 怎麼在這館裡祖父的屏風怎會用自己的方式跑進入他孫女在閣裡的臥房間.裡"

    宣禧宮也放了一個她私人擁有的屏風到閣裡. 它很巨大, 上面繡著一條龍橫跨八個屏格. 當父親看到它, 他盯注視著屏風板, 然後他對著妻子和妹妹們說 "那條龍跟我在女兒出生的前一晚我在所夢見的龍一模一樣的顏色一模一樣, 那是在六月十七日晚上, 乙卯年(1735), 我真的無法形容去理解它, 現在看著這種情況屏風,突然我看到查覺,它跟我夢到的龍完全一樣 我的姑媽驚呼祖父的屏風出現在我的臥室, 而且在父親夢中的龍又和另一個屏風上的龍如此相像.是多麼非凡. 這龍用黑線刺繡, 鱗片則用金線, 因此像是一條不同且黑色得發亮的龍閃閃發爍著金光騰空欲起. 父親仍然對這條龍驚嘆奇不已. "在我夢裡那條龍並非真是純然黑色, 但我無法形容它. 真的太像了." 他說. 在新娘閣裡我父母教導我日常行為的最細微處, 甚至教我諸如如何坐下和躺下. 他們還告誡我 "請細心服侍和照顧三位陛下, 但最重要的是要有孝心. 在服侍世子時,應總是去幫助他找到正確的途徑並謹慎選擇妳的用詞." 因此他們一再指示我. 雖然他們的建議提供忠告,但總是伴隨著同情和摯愛. 有一次, 談到這談話的主題, 父親說,

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