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Why would he ask if my friend has a girlfriend...?

Okay, so my co-worker and I were having break at the same time.We chat outside of work, but we're not in a relationship of any sort, though he has shown interest in the past, but I brush it off.He asked about my upcoming vacation and asked who was going.I told him, my mother, my sister and her family and my friend.He asked "A high school friend?" I responded with yes, he asked if I knew him a long time.I said yeah, and he asked "Does he have a girlfriend?" He asked like its not okay for me to travel with a guy.I don't get why it would matter.

Then he started browsing my facebook page.And he started making comments on things(well not actually posting on them, but he would say something like "That cake looks good" and then he read a post I made about remembering not only our soldiers on memorial day, but our fighters and police as well.And he was like "That is a beautiful comment! I love it" I responded with "What are you doing on my facebook?!" he started laughing


He doesn't know my friend lol.He never met HIM.The friend I am traveling with is a guy.He asked if the guy I'm traveling with had a girlfriend.

And sorry, I don't know the answer to yours.

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    He likes ur friend and wants to get to know her and then date her pretty well obvious

    Pleased answer mine :)

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