Nextbook 8 having problems booting up?

A few days ago i was forced to soft reset my nextbook tablet due to space problems in the NAND flash. Ever since then it seems the battery has been....Lying? to me. Every so often I'm able to use the tablet without it being attached to a charger, but normally it has to be charging in order to use it. Even so now it can't even turn on. It will start showing the charging battery, but then when i hold power to the second time, it immediately freezes and soon turns off. Little help? Normally I'm good with these things but this has me stumped

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  • 5 years ago
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    Huh...Kinda sounds like either an incorrect battery sensor or a corruption in the memory.The way to re-calibrate a battery (Reseting the battery level sensor for accurate readings) is by charging it to 100% full,and then draining it do 0%.You can do this a couple of times in a row to be safe.Memory corrupions are permenant I think.You can probably get it checked out for that though.Best Of Luck ;)

    • Sonous5 years agoReport

      Any idea on exactly how to do that? Basically it's on then off, that's it so i don't know what to do in between, i just recently got it hard reset, but as soon as i rebooted it, it went back to it's old ways

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  • curren
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    3 years ago

    Nextbook 8 Problems

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