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Poll: Do you support Assisted Suicide?

I do.

Some people are simply too unfortunate to be able to live a happy life. There are many reasons why: You are too ugly to where nobody truly accepts you. You're not smart enough to graduate college and therefore, cannot get a stable job. You were born with a mental disorder and cannot think for yourself. Many other reasons should constitute suicide. I firmly believe that Charle's Darwin "The survival of the Fittest" makes sense in this situation. If you're not strong, you deserve to die because life is just so pointless if you're gonna be staying at the bottom level your whole life.

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    Definitely! Having been there/going through it myself I totally agree with that. Some people can't be cured. You don't wake up one day and decide: "Hey I'm going to kill myself." Those who succeed with their suicides are either a) doing it out of impulse and fail to realize what they've done is fatal or b) they did it bc they genuinely want to die. I belong to b. I want to die. I'm weak. I admit that. I'm a selfish, cowardly, baby. I'm ugly, fat, stupid and I'm a liar. I hate myself and I don't see why I should remain living when all I'm going to do is be a burden to others. Assisted Suicide all the way m8

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    No, i don't support. We as human being we have think our self what the value of our life. We are having enough scope to live happily. Its true that all human beings are not same or equal but can live with same feel and sentiment. This world is not only for beautiful, rich or anything else. This is for all. When you feel lonely or anxiety, then you just share your fell among yours friend, family members or any others to whom you believe most. Then your suicide feel will go out from your mind.

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    It depends on various other factors which you have to study, examine, analyze and investigate. What is it. I have no idea. Can you please explain. By this way, do you want to help the oppressed, suppressed and depressed lot of community in this world or playing with their emotional sentiments.

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    Yes, a system that must have physician sign off on it. So it is an elaborate system to evaluate the patient.

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    Sure. Not or the reasons you believe though.

    Herbert Spencer coined the phrase "The survival of the Fittest" and you don't understand Darwin's application of it.

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    hmmmm idk

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