NEED SERIOUS ADVICE: My friend is 19 dating a 14 year old, is this okay & how do I tell him to STOP!?

My friend X is dating a fuc*ing 14 year old and my bros and I are trying to figure out how to tell him to STOP! Here's the deal, he reclassified in high school for an extra year to get a better football scholarship chance, in which it did pay off. But, in being in high school for so long, I knew it was inevitable for him to not talk to or associate with jail bait smh. My bro X doesn't fall for girls easily, and now he's really in love & has serious feels for her, he's even about to buy her expensive jewelry because he thinks she's the big win. Now, both PARENTS are okay with this!! Like he's gotten accepted to the United States Military Academy & I refuse to watch my bro possibly screw it up & go off and fu*k her and end up in JAIL. What do you all think of this sick sh*t!?

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  • 5 years ago
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    I know if I were the father of the 14 year old in question, I wouldn't be OK with it. In fact, I would beat the living **** out of any 19 year old that is trolling around my 14 year old son or daughter.

    Both sets of parents need to have their *** kicked and come for seconds. Don't these people know that a 14 year old can't legally consent to a 19 year old? Don't they know that the statutory laws don't allow for parental consent or blessings? If the 19 year old ends up having sex with the 14 year old, then he or she can and will get prosecuted should the law find out about it.

    It doesn't matter if your friend is still in high school. He is still legally classified as a 19 year old man! Being in high school doesn't absolve him from statutory laws.

    If I were you, I would stay on his *** about breaking up with this chick. He needs to find someone who is over 18 or at the very least old enough where she can legally consent to sex with him. If he believes that age is nothing but a number, then he better believe that jail is nothing more than state supplied room and board.

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    5 years ago

    How do you tell him to stop?!!?! You tell him that he's going to go to jail for statutory rape. While he's in jail, he's going to get raped by large disgusting people. If you go to jail for sexual conduct with a minor, you are considered a lowlife. You're basically a child rapist.

  • 5 years ago

    Dude, you have to find a chick or a girl you know to say hi to him and hook them up. Be a wingman

  • 5 years ago

    I think its dumb i mean date if he likes her, go to the movies, the mall or to parties but buy her jewelry i mean come on its pretty damn stupid to do that. Its not like he's her husband or whatever lol wtf thats pretty weird

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