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how often should I blow my whistle as a lifeguard and in what case scenarios?

Hi all! I am a lifeguard and tomorrow I start my first shift. I am a little nervous and was wondering, how often should I blow my whistle and for what causes? I mean, if a kid is running do I blow it? I understand for an AEP you do but I a mean, accident prevention. thank you so much for your time!!

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    Check with your supervisor. Generally you would only blow your whistle to get the attention of someone who is too far away to hear your voice. For example, you can probably just say "No running" child running right next to your chair, but you'd need to blow your whistle to get the attention of the same child across the pool. Your job is to enforce safety rules without being a prison guard and to, if needed, save the life of a swimmer in trouble.

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    If in doubt, speak with your Supervisor or more experienced lifeguards for absolute clarification. This job is too important to not fully understand what needs to be done. Enjoy!

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    i would blow it when a kid is doing something they shouldnt

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    Lmfaooo @ you posting this here

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