Help information about the 14th century?

So I need to do a 50 page essay on the 14th century, it can be whatever, as long as it is in the 14th century.

I have a few questions:

* Any famous Criminals back then?

* How did the justice system work?

* How did the Government work?

* How was the economy?

* Any other information would be helpful, thanks!

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    That's a long essay. Unless your teacher specified the number of words, use a size 14 font with double spacing. That will reduce the words by about half.

    In Europe, all kinds of dramatic things happened. The 100 Years War between England and France began about 1330 . The English had a stunning victory at Crecy, and then there was a truce, one of many. When a truce was declared, the English government was too cheap to bring soldiers home. Instead the soldiers formed bandit companies which terrorized cities all over France and Italy. The most famous captain was Sir John Hawkwood, a major criminal if there ever was one.

    The Black Death arrived in 1348 and killed up to 50% of the population,depending upon the locale. People had no idea what caused the disease, and so they blamed the Jews. This caused serious pogroms.

    In 1305 a Frenchman, Clement V, was elected Pope. He refused to go to Rome and set up office in Avignon. The Romans elected their own Pope, causing the Great Schism. Half of Europe sided with one pope or the other. Each excommunicated the other and hurled anathemas at each other. This was terribly confusing and heart wrenching for most people.

    About 1381 there was a peasant's revolt in England led by Wat Tyler. Feudal governments were extremely oppressive - if you think it's bad today, you don't know how bad it can get. People had to pay taxes on just about everything. To get your flour ground you paid a tax, to have the flour baked you paid a tax, if a family member died you paid a tax (because his labor was lost to the lord), and so forth. Peasants lived in drafty homes with no light at night except for the glow of the embers in the fireplace.

    People were too afraid of water spirits to bathe. The Romans had built a large number of public baths which were in operation right up until about 1250, when the Church closed them for being immoral. After that, Europeans became the dirtiest people on the planet.

    About 50% of children died before the age of 12. Europeans didn't see childhood as a special state; for them children were just miniature adults. Farm work was very tedious, and people mostly ate bread or gruel with peas and a few vegetables.

    Excellent books: "A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century."

    "Life in a Medieval Village."

    "Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages."

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    Barbara Tuchman The Distant Mirror An account of life in the 14th century.

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    I notice that @Enguerrarrard's answer refers only to Europe. There was plenty of other stuff going on elsewhere in the 14th century, like the expulsion of the Mongols from China and the setting up of an ambitious new system of government in China by the new Ming Dynasty.

    I hate the smell of Eurocentrism in the morning.

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    50 pages? Are you sure? That's not an essay; that's a massive research paper. Go to the library and ask for help.

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    it's cool

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