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67 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


― 67 ―

My formal designation as the Crown Princess Consort was set for the ninth of the first month, and the wedding for the eleventh, two days later. As the day of parting from my parents approached, I could no longer contain my sadness. I spent those last days crying all day. My parents must have been feeling sad as well, but they were better able to restrain their emotion. Father advised me calmly, "Please make sure that you do not forget our instructions." Then he sternly admonished me for crying continually. Thinking back to that time, though I understand the sadness of the child, I realize that I should have been more considerate of my parents and that I should not have made things so difficult for them.

我正式的世子嬪稱號在正月初九, 嘉禮則訂於兩天後的正月十一日. 當接近告別父母的日子, 我再也無法抑制我的悲傷. 最後那幾天我整天都在哭泣. 我的父母必定也同感悲傷, 但他們能將他們的情緒克制得更好. 父親勸我冷靜, "請確保您不要忘了我們的指示." 然後他嚴厲地責備我老是哭泣. 回想起那個時候, 雖然我理解一個孩子的悲傷, 我知道我應該更體諒我的父母而不應該讓事情變得對他們如此困難.

After the first part of the wedding ceremony at the bride's pavilion,[10] I again received instructions from Father and Mother. On this occasion my parents did not show the slightest sign of sadness. They behaved with perfect decorum. Father wore an official's red cloak and a scholar's cap and Mother wore a green ceremonial robe and a formal coiffure.[*] This ceremony was attended by my family and the relatives who had come to bid me farewell. Many from the palace also attended. I remember that Mother did not change her expression at all when she gave me counsel. My parents were barely over thirty years old at the time. Despite their youth, they comported themselves impeccably, with perfect decorum. They did not make even one error or false step. They always looked dignified and composed. Everyone who saw them remarked that the royal house had done well in its choice of in-laws.

在新娘館婚禮的第一部份之後, 我再度收到來自父親和母親的指示. 這次我的父母沒有表現出絲毫的悲傷. 他們表現完美得體的禮儀. 父親穿著一件正式的紅色斗篷戴一頂學者便帽, 母親穿著一件綠色長袍和梳著正式的髮型. 這個禮儀是由我的家人及來為我送別的親戚參加. 很多人從宮殿也趕來參加. 我記得當母親給我建議時一點也沒有改變她的表情. 在當時我的父母剛過三十歲. 儘管他們年輕,


他們的舉止完美得體, 無可挑剔. 他們甚至連一個錯誤或虛假的步調都沒有. 他們總是顯得端莊和沈著. 每個看到他們的人都說王室結了一門好親家.

Update 2:

The grand ceremony took place later that day at the palace. The next day, the twelfth, was the day of a bowing ceremony in which I bowed to His Majesty as his daughter-in-law. During a change of robes, His Majesty came over and said, "Now that I have formally received your gift as your

Update 3:

father-in-law, allow me a word of advice. In serving the Crown Prince, please be gentle with him and do not be frivolous of voice or expression. If his eyes wander, pretend that you do not notice. It is not at all an unusual thing in the palace, and so it is best to behave normally, not letting him

Update 4:

know that you noticed." He continued, "It is improper for a woman to show her undergarments to her husband. So do not carelessly loosen your clothes in his presence. There is another thing—the rouge stains on women's towels are not pretty, even though it is rouge.

Update 5:

當天稍晚盛大的典禮在皇宮舉行. 第二天, 正月十二日, 是我作為他的兒媳婦向陛下行鞠躬禮的日子. 在換長袍之際, 陛下過來說 "現在我已正式收到做為妳的公公的禮物, 容我給妳一個忠告. 在服侍世子的時候, 請溫柔的對待他, 不要用輕佻的聲音或表情. 如果他的眼神游移, 假裝妳沒看到. 這在皇宮裡絕非不尋常的事, 所以妳最好是行為舉止如常, 不要讓他知道妳注意到了. " 他繼續說 "一個女人穿著貼身內衣讓她的丈夫看是不合禮儀的. 所以在他面前不要不小心解開妳的衣服. 還有一件事—婦女的毛巾上的胭脂污漬並不悅目, 即使它是胭脂,

Update 6:

[*] A lady's formal coiffure consisted of braided hairpieces piled on top.


[10]For details of the wedding, see Changjo Hon'gyonghu karye togam uigwe , manuscript, 1744, Kyujanggak.(P.349)

婚禮細節請看 Changjo Hon'gyonghu 嘉禮都監儀軌 1744年奎章閣手稿

在韓國首爾大學奎章閣圖書館只查到 思悼世子嘉禮都監儀軌

Update 7:

另找到 사도세자책례도감의궤(思悼世子冊禮都監儀軌), 當中提到承旨(승지)洪景輔(홍경보)

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    我正式被命名為的世子嬪稱號的日子在正月初九, 嘉婚禮則訂於兩天後的正月十一日. 當接近告別父母的日子逐漸到來時, 我再也無法抑制我的悲傷. 在最後那幾天裡,我整天都在哭泣. 我的父母必定也同感悲傷, 但他們較能將克制他們自己的情緒克制得更好. 父親冷靜地勸我冷靜, "請確保定您不要會忘了我們的指示.導" 然後他因我不停的哭泣而嚴厲地責備告誡我老是哭泣。 回想起那個時候, 雖然我理解一個孩子待嫁幼女的悲傷, 但我知道我應該更體諒我的父母,而不應該讓事情變得對他們如此困難.

    在新娘館閣婚禮的第一部份之後, 我再度收領悟到來自父親和母親的指示導, 在這個場合裡次我的父母沒有表現出顯露絲毫的悲傷. 他們表現出完美且得體的禮儀.,父親穿著一件正式的紅色斗篷並戴一頂學者便帽, 母親則穿著一件綠色長袍和梳著正式的髮型. 這個典禮儀是由我的家人及前來為與我送告別的親戚們參加. 很多人從宮殿的人也趕來參加與。而我記得當母親給我建議忠告時,一點也沒有改變她的表情。在當時我的父母都剛過三十歲. 儘管他們年輕, 他們的舉止完美得體, 無可挑剔. 他們甚至連一個錯誤或虛假不正確的步調伐都沒有. 他們總是顯得端莊嚴和沈著. 每個看到他們的人都說王室結選擇了一門好親家.

    當天稍晚盛大的典禮在皇宮舉行. 第二天, 正月十二日, 是我作為他的以兒媳婦的身份向陛下行鞠躬禮的日子. 在換長袍之際, 陛下過來說 "現在既然我已以公公的身份正式收到做為妳的公公的禮物, 容我給妳一個忠告. 在服侍世子的時候, 請溫柔的對待他, 不要用有輕佻的聲音或表情. 如果他的眼神游移, 就假裝妳沒看到. 這在皇宮裡絕非不尋常的事, 所以妳最好是行為舉止如常, 不要讓他知道妳注意到了. " 他繼續說 "一個女人穿著展示她的貼身內衣讓給她的丈夫看是不合禮儀宜的. 所以在他面前不要切勿不小心解開妳的衣服. 還有另一件事—婦女的毛巾上的胭脂污漬並不悅目, 即使它是胭脂,


    婚禮細節請看 Changjo Hon'gyonghu 嘉禮都監儀軌 1744年奎章閣手稿

    在韓國首爾大學奎章閣圖書館只查到思悼世子嘉禮都監儀軌 另找到 사도세자책례도감의궤(思悼世子冊禮都監儀軌), 當中提到承旨(승지)洪景輔(홍경보)

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