Is my teacher being unfair?

I am a junior in high school. I am in a Work Program class where we get out of the school and work at job sites during 2nd to 4th periods. This class is for students who get special education. When we work at Kmart the teacher splits up into groups about every day. Me and my friend Zach are working in the back taking boxes and throwing them in the crusher, while the other classmates Anthony, JJ, and Justin are either walking around the store or sitting on the couches talking to each other. This is how it goes every day. She also feeds us often and when she does she gives more food to Anthony, JJ, and Justin than to me and Zach. Also me and Zach are white and Anthony, JJ, and Justin are black so I thought it may have something to do with out races. Is this teacher being unfair? what should I do about this?

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  • Deino
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    6 years ago
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    I've been a teacher.

    Let me tell you a secret: Teachers don't respect you guys.

    You're so stupid, immature, dishonest and disrespectful yourselves, that we can't be bothered to interfere much in whatever petty crap you all think is important.

    My first assumption is that you're simply self-absorbed that you simply don't recognize that the other three kids do their share and you probably do get the same amount of food.

    If your teacher is literally giving those kids some portion of food that isn't going to you, like an extra side or an extra sandwich, then you can take it up with the teacher's superior. Otherwise, you're probably just a wanting young kid who doesn't recognize or appreciates what he gets. Because, again, your teacher doesn't have time to play favorites. There's a whole lot of other crap that is far more important. I am 95% sure that she doesn't care and doesn't think about it. She just throws food at you since that's her job.

    And as far as the work is concerned, it doesn't matter.

    You're there to learn and get experience, right? Then do that. Anybody who slacks off is hurting themselves more than you. Not your problem, unless you were intending on working less than you already are, which doesn't make any sense.

  • 6 years ago

    If you are not exaggerating dude then it sounds like you have a point. I'd say check out your student council if you have one or talk to another teacher and ask them where you can go for help

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