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Can milk impair brain development?

My dad went to this weird doctor for alternative medicine, and he said that milk impairs and slows down brain development, which is why infants should only be drinking it up to two years. He also said it's why cows kick their calves after they turn two. Is there a logical science behind this?

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    Cow's milk is definitely not recommended for children under the age of 1-2 years old mostly because it lacks the essential nutrients that children need in order to grow such as iron which in turn can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Also, another reason why healthcare providers push breastfeeding so much is because it offers a lot of passive immunity to their child and can prevent further infections as the child gets older.

    As for milking impairing brain development, I've never heard of this however if I had to guess if the child developed iron deficiency anemia because of poor parenting, then this could probably lead to some developmental delays because of the lack of RBC's carrying oxygen to the brain; however, this would have to be a pretty severe case of it.

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    Mild is a wholesome food for most children. Those with lactose intolerance or milk protein allergies can be fed other nutrients. I am suspicious of alternative medicine to begin with, and this is, as a previous responder wrote, hogwash.

    You might recommend to your father that he research a Mediterranean style diet. Many experts consider it healthy and it is not too drastic a change.

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    Hogwash. There is no evidence to support this contention.

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