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Stuck in life?

So I'm 15 years old and currently feel stuck in life. I'll try to make this short. So basically right now I feel like I have depression due to several things that are happening in my life. My whole life I've never really had any true friends that care about me. I've always felt like I've been just following people around. Last year I had some "friends" that were into partying and stuff so I joined them but a year later I didn't enjoy being with them because I felt like I wasnt important to them so I slowly stopped hanging out with them. I still somewhat talk to them but still feel lonely at school and in life. Another problem is not being good or intelligent at anything. I want to be successful in life and not live a life like I am right now. I want to be remembered for some thing but I don't know what. I am willing to put in the hard work for anything I want. The only thing I'm interest in right now is working out and still I find ways to put myself down on that. Another problem is my family. My dad has a gambling addiction and made us pretty poor. I don't have much stuff and feel stuck in this area because I've never really been in a vacation or nothing. I have low self esteem and low confidence. I'm mature and realize I am in a bad situation and want to fix it but this depression makes everything bad. Like some people recommended joining sports to make friends but I don't find ANYTHING interesting. Please help me. I don't want to live like this.

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    god care aobut u i do too. il be ur frien if u want camaro33125cody@gmail.com god also wants us to purely care aobut everyone love god and love good peopel who care.hugs

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