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How long has the common curriculum been in place?

How long has the government common curriculum been implemented in our school system? I'm interested.

If you link to an article that supports what you say, I will give you best answer.

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    The history of public education is pretty horrid. It's been around since the mid 1850s.

    Public education was based on Johann Fichte's vision of children being the property of the state rather than the parents. Schooling was not mean to educate, but rather - to train. Johann Fichte was the father of Nazism. Children were to be trained to OBEY SUPERIORS, DON'T THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    In it, Fichte specifically said that the purpose of public schooling was not to educate children - though that would be an unavoidable consequence. The idea was to take children out of their parents' home and place them in an artificial environment where any sense of self or free will wold be permanently extinguished. An important part of education was to shame the student to take any sense of self-esteem away. Criticism was also extremely important, as were punishments - many punishments - with what is being punished being unimportant.

    Fichte was an atheist, but he insisted that religion be part of public schooling. He wanted Lutheranism, though any religion would do. That's because those schooled in the Xian religion are easily manipulated and controlled ("Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful."- Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

    History, Fichte said, was never to teach facts, but rather themes. It should never teach truth, but only that which will instill patriotism, so that by daily practice and indoctrination, the state will replace the role of parents in the child's life

    What this means to you is that if you are an American, you may have learned about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but you never learned that the Supreme Court conducted a coup d'etat when it declared our written constitution unconstitutional. In doing this, it did away with the Declaration of Independence as our founding idea.

    The first reason why we declared independence from King George was that he refused his assent to the peoples' laws. That's what the court did when it changed our form of government from a Constitutional Republic to a Common Law government, based on the feudal model, but with the court sharing the throne and the position of head of the American church, thus the arbitor of American morality (in the image of England's common law government where the monarch is the head of the Church of England) This happened in 1803 and 1819 with Marbury v. Madison and Mc Culloch v. Madison respectively.

    Because students are being lied to about this, when they reach adulthood, and vote, they vote against their own interests and humanity's interest without ever knowing that they are doing this.

    It's a pretty dark story, but here are some links. The first is a link to a chapter of a book I am writing. I's in PDF form and takes a minute or so to load. It has all links and sources. -- scroll down to chapter 4: The weaponization of education (Chapter 3 has lots of parts - don't worry.)

    If you want to see how we lost our constitution - read Chapter 3 for the real history of the USA. It's very different from the one you learned, and it is extremely well researched using original documents rather than lies from history books.

    If you didn't want the full details, check this out

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    Google it

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