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Would someone be willing to take a listen to this singer (in the background)?

Is he good/bad/ok? Feedback needed asap


Very very very nice answer.

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    5 years ago
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    LeVert is that group! haha. Umm, he was okay. I think part of the reason he was off was because he lost himself in the music, which is actually quite a beautiful thing. He had some okay moments where his voice shined. I especially liked when he altered the texture of his voice and improvised certain notes and sustained them. That's a strong sign that he has an excellent musical ear. All he has to do in order to really bring it to a complete circle is maintain the correct pitch all throughout. But overall he was pretty okay. Far from being bad. If he gained some more control, he could be pretty awesome. Besides, to take on Levert you've gotta have a voice on you to begin with haha. So I give him mad props. The dude singing is a Lyric Tenor. If he tapped into his Tenor essence, he'd be the sh*ttt!!! lol xD

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