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What's the difference between these majors 1- Cyber Security 2- Computer Security 3- Information Security?

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    Cybersecurity: use of various technologies and processes to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Since all computer systems rely on operating systems and networks to function, those areas are often targeted for attack and are the main sources of many security vulnerabilities.

    ---jobs require strong technical skills and most require a technical degree in Cybersecurity, computer science, information technology or engineering.

    ---Cybersecurity jobs might include information systems security professional, senior system manager and system administrator.

    information security: protecting information from unauthorized access, modification or destruction, regardless of whether the information is stored electronically or physically. Cybersecurity is a branch of the larger area of information security.

    ---Similar to Cybersecurity jobs, information security jobs also rely on strong technical skills since most information is stored digitally. A solid background in networking, system administration, software development and data integrity and security is an asset to those looking to enter this field. Students should take business courses as well.

    ---jobs include security systems administrator, security auditor and security analyst.

    i haven't heard of computer security as a major, but I am sure it is similar to cybersecurity

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