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中譯部份請幫我用醒目顏色修辭及訂正錯誤, 專有名詞不必修改.

The late King Chongjo acted this way in unrequited affection

― 242 ―

for his father, but he knew the facts. It is different with the present King [Sunjo]. I feel that it is against heavenly principle and human affection that he, a grandson, be kept ignorant of an incident of such immense consequences, one involving his direct ancestor. He wanted to know of the incident, but his father, the late King, could not bring himself to speak of it to him in any detail. Now, who else would dare bring it up to him; who else even knows the intimate facts? When I am gone, there will be no one left who knows of it, and so the King will have no way of inquiring into it. To spare him this shameful ignorance, I have for some time wished to write of the incident from its beginnings to its very end and to present it to him, so that after reading it, he might destroy it.

先王正祖以不求回報的親情為他的父親這樣做, 而他知道真相. 這與當今皇上(純祖)不同. 我覺得這是違背天理和人倫的, 他, 一個孫子, 被這樣一個涉及他親祖父的重大後果的事件蒙在鼓裡. 他想知道這個事件, 但他的父親, 先王, 無法自己為他訴說任何的細節. 現在還有誰膽敢向他提到這件事; 有誰還知道詳細的事實? 當我走了, 就再也沒人知道這件事了, 這樣皇上便再也無從探究它. 要免去他這種不體面的無知, 有一段時間我想寫下這件事的始末呈獻給他, 所以看完之後他可能會毁了它.

Whenever I took up the brush, however, I could not bring myself to write about it. In this way, day after day passed. After countless adversities and misfortunes both public and private, my life seemed a frail thread about to break. I could not die without telling my grandson what I know of his ancestors; it would have been outside normal human sentiment. And so, resisting death and weeping blood, I wrote this record. Nevertheless, I omitted many things of which I could not bear to speak. I also fear that I was unable to eliminate many long and tedious sections.

每當我拿起毛筆, 然而, 我無法下定決心寫下它. 就這樣, 日子一天天過去. 經過無數次公眾和私人的逆境與不幸, 我的生命像是將斷的游絲. 我不能沒告訴我的孫子我知道的有關他的祖先的事就這樣死了; 它已超出正常人的感傷. 因此抗拒死亡和泣血, 我寫下這記錄. 然而, 我省略了很多我不能說的事. 我也擔心我無法排除許多冗長而繁瑣的部份.

I am deeply indebted to His Late Majesty. Not only did I receive from him kindness and affection each day as a daughter-in-law,


but I also owe to, him the reprieve of my life after that incident. I am, however, the wife of Prince Sado, and devotion to my husband reaches as high as the Heavens. Were I to say one unjust word against either father or son, I would not be able to avoid the most cruel death by the gods of Heaven

Update 2:

What others have said of the incident of that year is all false and groundless, none of it based on fact. I hope that this record will show a clear and coherent picture of the incident and how it unfolded from its beginning to its end.

我深深地感謝先王陛下. 做為兒媳婦我不僅每天收到他的好意和鍾愛, 而且在那事件之後我還欠了他對我生命的緩刑. 然而, 我是

Update 3:

思悼世子的妻子, 對我丈夫的熱愛高與天齊. 假如我說了任何一句不義的話不利於父親或兒子, 我將無法避免被天神最殘酷的毁滅. 別人都說當年那事件全部是虛假和毫無根據的, 但它都沒有根據事實. 我希望這記錄能顯現該事件一個明確和連貫的寫照, 以及


Update 4:

It is true that, in the early days, His Late Majesty was not as loving of his son as he could have been, but in the end, he was left with no choice but to do as he did. As for Prince Sado, though his extraordinarily generous and benevolent nature was admirable, he became hopelessly ill,

Update 5:

and because the nation hung in the balance, he suffered that terrible end. The late King and I had to live with our sorrows—we, his child and wife, survived the truly tragic death of a father and husband; we did not follow him.

它是真實的, 在早期的日子裡, 先王殿下不像他以前那樣的愛世子, 但最後他只能那樣做, 別無選擇. 至於思悼世子, 雖然他非常慷慨和仁

Update 6:

慈的本性令人欽佩, 他變得無可救藥地的病了, 而且因為國家岌岌可危, 他遭受了那可怕的結局. 先王殿下和我必須哀痛活著—我們, 他的孩子和妻子, 在真正慘死的父親和丈夫之後倖存, 我們沒有跟著他去.

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    先王正祖以不求回報的親情為他的父親這樣做, 而但他知道真相. 這點與當今的皇上(純祖)不同. 我覺得這是違背天理和人倫情的, 而他—一個孫子—被這樣十一直不知道一個涉及他親祖父的直系祖先且具有的重大後果的事件蒙在鼓裡. 他想知道了解這個事件, 但他的父親—先王—却無法讓自己為他訴說此事件的任何的細節. 現在還有誰膽敢向告訴他提到這件事; 甚至是有誰還知道詳細的事實的其他人? 當我走了離開這世間後, 就再也沒有在世的人知道這件事了, 這樣如此,皇上便再也無從探究它. 要免去他這種不體面的無知, 有一段時間我想希望寫下這件事的始末呈獻給他, 所以以便在閱讀看完之後,他可能以會毁了它.

    每當我拿起毛筆, 然而, 我却都無法下定決心寫下它. 就這樣, 日子一天天的過去. 在經過無數次公眾開和私人下的逆境與不幸後, 我的生命像是有如將斷的游絲. 我不能沒告訴我的孫子我所知道的有關他的祖先的事,就這樣死了; 它已超出處在正常一般人的感傷情範圍之外. 因此抗拒死亡和泣血地, 我寫下這記錄. 然而, 我省略了而不說出很多我不能說無法承擔的事. 我也擔心我無法排除許多冗長而繁瑣的部份.

    我深深地感謝先王陛下. 做為兒媳婦,我不僅每天收到領受他的好意仁慈和鍾愛, 而且在那事件之後,我還欠了得到他對我生命的緩刑的恩賜. 然而, 我是思悼世子的妻子, 對我丈夫的熱愛高與天齊. 假如我說了任何一句不義的話而不利於父親或兒子, 我將無法避免被天神最殘酷的地毁滅. 別其他的人都說當年那事件全部是虛假和且毫無根據的, 但它都沒有沒有任何一項是根據事實的. 我希望這記錄能顯現對該此事件一個項明確和連貫條理分明的描寫照, 以及它如何展開從開始到結束展開。

    它是真實的, 在早期些的日子裡, 先王殿下已不像他以前那樣的愛世子, 但最後他只能那樣做, 而別無選擇. 至於思悼世子, 雖然他非比㝷常的慷慨和仁慈的本性質令人欽佩, 他變得無可救藥地絕望的病了, 而且因為國家岌岌可危, 他遭受了那可怕的結局. 先王殿下和我必須哀痛的活著下去—而我們—他的孩子和妻子兒— 在這父與夫真正的慘死亡悲劇裡的父親和丈夫之後倖存, 我們沒有跟著隨他而去.

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    第一段之 when I am gone, 是否為"離開人間"的意思,請依據全文文意修正。

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