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can my insurance get me for fraud?

I had insurance with USAA. I thought I lost my ring so i filed a claim. During the investigation time i found out, as a surprise, my mom returned it and got me the ring i really wanted. I reported this right away and asked them to close the claim. they confirmed it with the jeweler that it was exchanged. So they never paid me anything and told me they closed the claim which i have documentation on, A day later I get a call saying they reopened it and that I tried to do insurance fraud, threatened me, demanded my family's info, and tried to push me into admitting i filed a false claim. can they keep harassing me and press any legal actions on me since it was a misunderstanding and even after I tried to close the claim right away? needless to say I switched my insurance company.

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    The fact that you closed it right away means their fraud case probably wouldn't get far. If they took it to Court I'd say look for a cheap lawyer, as they'd be better at explaining it in front of a Judge. If they call again then tell them you aren't going to talk to them again until they take it to Court, that will probably shut them up.

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    "my mom returned it and got me the ring i really wanted"

    Long as you have proof of this nothing will go very far. LIKE a receipt with the ring listed as be exchanged or traded in. IF not they may file against you. I can't see this happening unless it was a multi thousand dollar ring.

    I would not worry very much as the jeweler has already confirmed that with them.

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    They may try, but if your story is provable there would be no reason to pursue the fraud allegations.

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