What type of pilot license do you need to be able to charge people for transportation?

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    One for the pilot - that is a CPL Commercial Pilot Licence -

    Some countries do not require an Instrument Rating if you fly only VFR (visual flight rules) -

    And one for the operation - that is an AOC Air Operations Certificate -

    Which gives you the privilege to charge people for transportation -

    The above are the ICAO requirements -

    Some countries may have stricter standards -

    Example USA, the FAA requires CPL with minimum 500 hours (VFR) or 1,200 hrs (IFR) -

    So with 250 hours and a CPL in USA, you cannot fly much of anything "commercially" -

    And the FAA always requires an Instrument Rating to hold a CPL -

    Some countries of the third world only require a CPL (250 hours) and an AOC -

    AOC is often not required for local flights within 50 km radius (such as "sightseeing flights") -

    So, if you just obtained a CPL in a flight school, and try to get a first pilot job -

    Try central Africa, and apply with air taxi or small AOC operators -

    250 hours total time is sufficient in many countries -

    The son of a former pilot colleague just got a CPL with I/R and M/E in Florida -

    He did not have a CFI qualification (could not work in USA since he is not USA citizen) -

    He barely has 300 hours total flight time -

    Just got hired (by email contact) by air taxi operator in Douala, Cameroon -

    I am told he will fly a Piper Navajo -


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      An instrument rating is NOT required by the FAA to have a CPL!
      A commercial pilot is presumed to have an instrument rating. If not, the commercial pilot certificate will be endorsed with a prohibition against carrying passengers for hire on day VFR flights beyond 50 NM or at night.

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    You need a commercial pilot certificate and AT LEAST 500 hours total time for VFR flight or 1,200 hours total time for IFR flight. Otherwise you are limited to flights within 25 miles of the departure airport and you are not allowed to land anywhere other than the departure airport. This essentially limits you to sightseeing flights or skydive flights. If the aircraft has over 9 seats (not including the pilot) you need an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. In addition, to carry people from one place to another, involving a landing at other than the departure airport, then you need an air operating certificate from the aviation authority in your country (This is called a Part 135 air taxi certificate in the USA).

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    Commercial, back when I was flying around.

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    A commercial certificate in the USA.

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