Is this an aloe vera plant?

I just got it at Safeway, and it looks very young. It was just labeled as "aloe" but it didn't specify the species. It is by far the youngest looking one I have seen, with the longest leaves being about three inches long, but most being about one and a half to two. So that's why I am unsure... Would a grocery store label aloe vera as just "aloe?" Sorry for being so vague, but I don't really know how to tell the difference between the different aloe plants.

Also, it looks like there are three plants in the little pot. How long should I wait to repot them? And how should I go about doing so? Thank you!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    There are over 500 species of Aloe. Aloe Vera is the most common but there is no knowing if yours is definitely that particular Aloe. A supermarket would play safe and just call it Aloe if there is any uncertainty. A picture might be helpful. The three little plants or pups can be separated and just popped into soil in their own pots. They will soon take root and grow but don't give much water.

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