can someone who is Bipolar even truly give informed consent?

Rape is defined not just as forcible sex but also any time some one has sex without informed consent (statutory rape) so can some one that is in any way mentally handicapped really give informed consent? also if someone is cheating on someone and they don't tell their significant other they are having sex with some one else are they technically raping them? putting the emphasis of "informed" as well as consent.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Well, the second question, I can't say, but to your question about Bipolar, the only way it could be construed as rape is if the person with Bipolar or other, was ruled by a court to being not competent, such as someone with a legal guardian. Bipolar in itself is not necessarily a handicap. There are many thousands of people with Bipolar who have important jobs, go to college, get married, hold offices, etc. Just because you have this does not necessarily make you mentally handicapped, nor incompetent. It sounds like you could use a lot of education on what bipolar really is, or it sounds like someone gave you a load of misinformation. There are more people who have this than you realize, and many of them, you would not even know, as, through medication, or whatever other treatments, there are they function just fine, as any normal person. In fact there are probably many that have bipolar that have not even been diagnosed yet, as they are functioning quite well. And it is not just bipolar that I speak, but most other mental illnesses, also; people function and have proper reasoning skills just fine, with many types of mental illness. It would be a different story if the person were, perhaps severely mentally retarded, or of a childlike naiveness, but usually someone like this, as I said would probably have a legal guardian already, so someone like that is probably not capable of giving consent. But not bipolar in and of itself. If this were the case, millions of people would never be able to give informed consent, get married, etc. Why should legal rights be taken away from many people who have proven themselves competent, enough to have driver's licenses, professional career licenses and jobs, etc? That would not make any sense. You should check out all the famous people that have bipolar, and even past deceased famous people.

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