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I really need some advice?

Sorry for the length but here me out?

I'm a sophomore and I guess I fell for a freshman. I met her in the first term but didn't really get to talk to her next term we have math again and since I sat next to her during finals we kinda playful cute little moments here and there. Then one time I looked up caught her eye held it and she smiled back and looked down. Sits change and she chooses to sit next to me. For the next several weeks we talk everyday get to know each other, tease each other smile laugh inside jokes the whole deal. Then it steadily increased in touchingWe help each other w/ HW Snapchat Instagram. Here I am trying not to fall for her cause I was only a friend. The week I was building courage to ask her to go somewhere I was behind her she stops and looks behind smiles and waits for me. We walk in seats changes and says "oh where do we sit". Before I can say anything her friend (girl) invites her to fill the last spot at a table. She goes and I have to sit across the classrooom. We glances at each other and I'm just feel in sad AF an jealous when it seems like she's having fun again at her table. (She seemed sad too.) Now I test and go over to the table to ask a question to my guy friend. She says " ew its _name_" (inside joke that she says that she doesn't really mean) trys to get into my conversation like old times. I being sad and hurting kinda shrug her off. I feel like she left me, now I'm just lost :( Am I just a friend to her?

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    I doubt it. And why would you shrug her off like that if you like her.

    Stay with her and be happy when you are with her.

    If you are not feeling good about weather or not you two are going anywhere them take the big jump and ask her out.

    Yolo and stuff.

    Good luck with yourself and drink plenty of fluids mate

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