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When i grow up i want to create a cartoon show called:"Friendship School Friendship is The Best" Is it okay?

I'm a brony and when i grow up i want to create a cartoon show called:"Friendship School Friendship is the Best!" does it sound like a mlp ripoff? well the story is about a school called the Friendship School where little humanoids called "Friendship Schoolers" live in.They lived happy before the school was attacked by Evil Teachers.Then a Friendship Schooler called "Alex Towerson" was sent by his teacher to the Friendship School to save it from the Evil Teachers.Then he found new friends.Then they both go into adventures and defeat many villains,solve various problems,meet new friends,discover secrets and lots of more.There is also a thing called "The Circle of Harmony" that makes them transform into Friendship Power.So what do you think of my show? will it be a good show? please don't dislike!

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    Oh, I was confused at first because the title made no sense, I'm just guessing you forgot to add a colon, right? You meant: "Friendship school: Friendship is the best", right?

    I would suggest changing two of the names of things you came up with. I feel like the title could use a different name. You can keep "Friendship school", but "Friendship is the best" just sounds a little lame... maybe use a different saying to convey the same thing? Here are some synonyms for "best": http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/engli...

    And then I think you may want to change the "Circle of Harmony" as that is pretty obvious you are are getting it from MLP. Here are some more synonyms for harmony: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/engli... but you would want to use the third definition's synonyms, as that is what you're using to mean Harmony.

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    stick to ur dreams dude

    don't give up not matter what\

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