Am I Andy Sambergs cousin or not?

Ok, so my real (And I'm not lying, my full on cousin is Joanna newsom, I have been with her at a family re-union in New mexico) And so I guess she is married to Andy Samberg! So is he like my cousin, half cousin, or is he just no cousin at all to me? Thanks!

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  • 5 years ago
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    If Andy was married to your sister, he would be your brother-in-law. As it is, he is married to your cousin, so he is your cousin-in-law. That isn't a real relation, but it's awfully fun to say. My cousin-in-law Cindy and I say it all the time. ("Hi, Cousin-in-Law! What's new?") To be related you have to have a common blood ancestor.

    A full cousin is the child of your full aunt or full uncle. A half-cousin is the child of your half aunt or half uncle. (Your half aunt/uncle would be the half sister or half brother of one of your parents.)

    > And so I guess she is married to Andy Samberg!

    Wikipedia says she is. If his Joanna Newsom is the same as yours, your are indeed Cousin-in-Law. The fact they didn't invite you to the wedding says that you are not that close, but you could still send them a silver pickle fork and your congratulations.

    The same source says of Joanna, " Her mother, Christine (née Mueller), is an internist, and her father, William Newsom, is also a doctor". So, if she is your first cousin, they are your aunt and uncle. If not, you may be second cousins, first cousins once removed, or something else. We generally don't get specific with cousin-in-law; "Second cousin once removed in law" would not be fun to say.

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      Thank you so much! Lol, yes It is so fun to go around saying "Andy Samberg is my cousin-in-law!" Very informational, thank you, once again!

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    You are not related to the family of people who marry into your family. An exception can be if some place back down the line you share a common ancestor. I learned very young that the cousins on my mother's side were not related to the cousins on my father's side and my cousins had cousin that were not related to me.

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    If this person who you are talking about is your aunt/uncles child then they are your cousin, who they might or might not be married to is not related to you at all

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    "I guess" isn't proof, it's speculation. If you want to know, then you have to start tracing your family's tree.

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