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恨中錄:惠慶宮日記, 英文求中譯(6)

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― 68 ―

not leave rouge marks on towels." Heeding his advice, I have always been careful with my

clothes and taken special care not to smear towels with rouge.

On that day His Majesty, attended by the newly wed couple, received my father in an

audience at T'ongmyong Pavilion. He was extremely cordial, offering Father a goblet of wine.

Father took it gratefully, poured the contents on his sleeve, and clasped the orange seeds to

his bosom.[*] His Majesty turned to me, saying, "Your father understands proper ritual." My

father was moved by this royal grace and his eyes shone with tears of gratitude. Later I was

told that at home Father summoned the family and recounted this story. Then, in tears, he

burst forth, "Now that we are bestowed with such royal grace, we must pledge that, from

today, we will repay his kindness with a devotion that transcends death."

On the following day there was a ceremony at Injong Hall in which the officials

congratulated His Majesty. Not only did His Majesty permit me to view this grand spectacle; he

also invited my family. He said, "Let the ladies also view it."

After the ceremony, with Mother accompanying me, I went to the Queen's residence to

pay respect. Queen Chongsong greeted Mother personally with the utmost graciousness. Her

Royal Highness approached her just as the mother of any groom might have approached the

mother of her son's bride. Pointing at me, she thanked my mother. "You have raised your

daughter beautifully and this has brought great joy to the nation. You have made a great

contribution." I can still vividly recall how profoundly this affected Mother. Queen Dowager

Inwon sent greetings to my mother through her chief lady-in-waiting. While Her Royal

Highness did not receive my mother in an audience, the message she sent was warm and

kind. The palace ladies observed that Madame Yi was received more warmly than Madame Cho

[**] had been in the chongmi year (1727).


In fact, Mother was popular and greatly admired at

court. She was treated with respect and consideration. Palace ladies followed her about as

though she were an old acquaintance. It

[*] According to a passage from the Li chi (Book of rites), "When one receives fruit from a


Update 2:

if the fruit has seeds, then one should clasp them to his bosom." Li chi, in Ch'ing shihsan-

ching chu-shu , ed. Yüan Yüan (Shanghai: Chung-hua shu-chu, 1930), vol. 43, 1:15a.

[**] The mother of Queen Hyosun, who married Yongjo's first son.


Update 3:


The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong 惠慶宮回憶錄(恨中錄)

The Autobiographical Writings of a Crown Princess of Eighteenth-Century Korea



ISBN: 9780520280489

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    所以不要在毛巾上留下胭脂痕." 我一直很小心我的衣服, 並特別謹慎不用胭脂弄髒毛巾.

    那天在通明殿, 陛下在新婚夫婦伴同出席下接受了父親的覲見. 他非常親切, 給了父親一杯酒. 父親感激地的接過它, 把裡面的東西倒在袖子, 並將橙籽緊握在懷裡. 陛下轉向我, 說 "你父親了解合乎體統的禮儀." 我父親被這皇室恩典感動了, 眼裡閃爍著感激的淚水. 後來有人告訴我, 父親在家裡召集家人詳述了這個故事. 然後他淚流滿面, 迸出了一句 "現在我們被賦予這樣的皇室恩典, 我們必須承諾從今天起我們會鞠躬盡瘁的奉獻以報答他的好意."

    第二天有一個典禮在 Injong Hall 舉行, 裡面的官員都向陛下祝賀. 陛下不僅允許我觀賞這盛大的場面, 他還邀請了我的家族. 他說 "讓女士們也看看."

    典禮之後在母親的陪同下我到皇后的住處向她致敬. 貞聖王后以極度的親切親自迎接母親. 皇后殿下走近她, 就像任何一位新郎的母親可能接近她兒子新娘的母親一樣. 指著我, 她感謝我的母親. "妳養了這麼美麗的女兒, 帶給國家巨大的喜悅. 做出巨大的貢獻." 我仍然清晰地記得母親受到多麼深刻地影響. 仁元大王大妃也透過她的首席侍女向我的母親問候. 雖然她沒有接受母親的覲見, 但傳來的訊息是溫暖而親切的. 宮女們觀察到李氏夫人(我母親)比趙氏夫人在丁未年(1727)收到的(問候)更溫暖. 事實上母親在宮中非常受歡迎也倍受讚美. 她受到注重和尊敬. 宮女們跟隨著她, 好像她是老相識.

    *根據禮記的一段, "當一個人收到來自統治者的水果, 如果水果有種籽, 這個人必須將它們緊握在懷裡."

    禮記 十三經清人注疏 ed. Yüan Yüan (上海中華書局, 1930) vol. 43, 1:15a.

    在中華書局網頁中找到53本與禮記有關的書, 其中有十多本是 十三經清人注疏, 也有 OOO 點校字樣,

    但找不到 ed. Yüan Yüan

    **孝純王后的母親, 她(孝純王后)嫁給了英祖的長子(世章世子)

    關於 Injong Hall

    Injong 為仁宗之英譯, 但在維基百科和網路上找不到以仁宗為名的韓國宮廷建築. 包括仁宗廳, 仁宗堂, 仁宗閣, 仁宗亭, 仁宗殿...

    但另外在網路上找到一張標示為 Injong Hall 的圖片, 根據內容描述它在昌慶宮. 也在維基百科的昌慶宮頁面找到同樣地點拍攝的的圖片, 而它是明政殿.

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