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Have no government union Dims been fired for cause in connection with secret lists at the VA hospitals because of those unions?

Government union Dims had two sets of books at the VA, one for getting bonuses for seeing patients on time, and getting them the care they needed, and the real list that the Vets were dying on, as they waited for care from government run VA hospitals.

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    Its basically the same thing as all those Democrat Teachers who have been fixing the books to get school bonuses. And nice cars and Jay Z Concert Tickets.

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    Why are conservatives constantly giving the people who actually do the work a hard time while praising hard work on the other side of their mouth?

    Maybe because they're about owner privilege and not about hard work at all, that's why.

    World War II veterans were determined to make the U.S. a better society when they came home.

    Boomers squandered it with their short-sightedness.

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    The problem with the VA is its budget. It isn't funded enough to do a good job.

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    Four senior executives were fired. But of course you did not know that it was only wait posted October 6th 2014!!!

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    No because those were ADMINISTRATIVE jobs manned by college grads!

    Thanks for making a fool of yourself!

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