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TS asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 5 years ago

Anybody else think the Baltimore riots were a setup? Like a test of some sort for the government?

Are the black inner city youths being played like pawns?

Being provoked, tricked, manipulated, (however you want to call it) by police departments around the country to give excuses/reason to become more militarized?

Something about those riots don't seem right to me.......I know Baltimore and Baltimoreans.......been here most of my life.

The fires...........drug stores, liquor stores, malls, were all Baltimore RIOTERS and the city youths. But that church/community fire was not something a Baltimore rioter would do. Its no coincidence this was the biggest fire of them all...

Then come to find out the Maryland National Guard broke a national record in mobilization. It usually takes 8 hrs. They were in downtown Baltimore in 3 hrs. Also the ACLU has requested the FBI release public info on what type of surveilance plane was flying over Baltimore during the riots. The FBI acknowledged there was a plane overhead monitoring, but would not release what type of plane. Why?

Its been a few more little skirmishes with inner city residents and police since Baltimore made national news. There is a much different response than what the nation saw. People are maced and billy clubbed right on the spot for not obeying/(talking back) a police officer command.

Just seems like a setup to me.......your thoughts?

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    The media and many government officials refer to the deaths of the few blacks who have met their demise during encounters with the police through poor choices of their own as a national "epidemic".

    In the larger scheme, it appears that these incidents are being used for the purpose of creating division between Blacks and Whites.

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    Notice their were people bussed in to riot from New York, just like in Ferguson. Could some of these incidents be staged to promote some agenda s/a federalizing police and funneling more control to the government?

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    You from Texas, TS...maybe a relative of the new whacko bird Republican Texas Governor? [Insert tsk-tsk consternation laffy face here.]

    The white-supremacist-led police department in Ferguson did what Respondent Taylor suggests---they paid a few outside agitators to create mayhem in order to poison the jury pool, trying to make the Ferguson residents of color to appear "scary" to cover their killer cop. A reporter from CNN who was embedded with the demonstrators came across two demonstrators who admitted they had been paid to vandalize and get a riot started. Doesn't take much to get a mob mentality going...just a triggering mechanism. The Ferguson residents were the ones who came to the rescue, blocking business entrances, cleaning up the next day, calling for peace and justice during the demonstrations each night. The murder of an unarmed teenager was real, and the public outcry was real.

    Now go to Baltimore, a community of about 360,000 people of which Census Reports say around 68% are black. The Baltimore police have a nasty history of excessive force (look it up). In this case, bicycling police officers led by a high-seniority white lieutenant targeted a 25-year-old black male, Freddie Grey, because "he looked at me" (the reason the white lieutenant police officer gave) and "he ran" (neither evidence of a crime).

    Bystanders, at least one with a camera, recorded the brutal assault (and presumption of guilt when no crime had been committed) of Freddie Grey by five Baltimore police officers, with a sixth officer (the black female van driver) complicit by giving the injured young man what the police call "a rough ride" (not belted in, deliberately rough turns) that all led to wrongful death of a man who should not have been arrested in the first place.

    Teenagers in high school ranging in age from 13 to 18 (as identified by various news reports at the scene) announced on the web they were going to demonstrate at the Baltimore mall the day of Freddie's funeral en masse to protest police brutality and the wrongful death of yet another young black man. That many teenagers in one place loudly demonstrating with a bone to pick with authorities...not a set-up. Pretty basic stuff, actually.

    Unlike the over-militarized Ferguson police department, Baltimore police did not become militarized. And there was only one day of destructive riots, followed by the call by the Democratic Mayor and the Republican Governor calling for an early curfew and the National Guard to be on stand-by to prevent any more rioting. The Baltimore residents themselves came out to clean, make repairs, protect the police, offer refreshments to demonstrators and police, talk peace and patience...what is a "set-up" here? As soon as calm remained and the demonstrations became anti-curfew, the curfew was lifted, the National Guard left, and order reigned.

    The "church" you cite was actually a community-center building site for senior housing to help the poor among the senior population, and rebuilding has already begun. CVS has also vowed to rebuild. Where is this so-called "set up" your paranoia is claiming?

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    Ive always had a mind to believe that about Americas woes.

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    Only you.

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    They were definatley handled wrong

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