I need Software/Hardware to physically copy a whole 3 1/2 inch floppy disc (inc. format) to a PC and then back to a fresh 3 1/2 inch floppy.?

I have discs for PC, Mac, Atari ST, Acorn (Archimedes). These discs are various formats (I think up to 1.6MB - maybe higher) for the Acorn. Some will be single sided and some double sided.

What I am looking for is a single solution - piece of software (and probably hardware) - that is capable of making a complete copy (including it's format) of all of these floppy discs. By copy, I mean a way of reading the information and storing it on my PC hard disc (or anywhere really) and then be capable of transferring it back to a fresh 3 1/2 inch floppy at some time in the future.

Does anyone know if this possible and what software/hardware solution(s) could do the job. I'd obviously prefer something that was free but whatever it takes to be honest.

I'd prefer ideas that stick to what I've suggested above, unless you have a good idea that doesn't require the use of the original computer/machine (only a PC).


I should add that I'm running Windows 7 and can use Windows XP under virtual machine.

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  • 5 years ago
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    You should create an image file of each floppy using MagicISO, PowerISO or probably any other application used to create a disk image.

    You don't need any additional hardware then the one you should already have: a good quality floppy drive. Get some good quality floppies and FORMAT them to 82 tracks using FORMAT command from CMD - You should specify tracks. see how using Format /?.

    I've done this in old "floppy" days to gain some more bytes of storing space on floppies.

    The tricky part is creating a floppy from disk image. I've never done this but doing a google search found several options - looking for "copy image to floppy" - without quotes. I have no way to test procedure because the head of the floppy on my only computer that has floppy is dirty and I never cared to buy a cleaner to make it work.

    Here you can find and options to create floppy on DOS/Windows


    Here you have an appication under Windows


    or this one


    or this one

    http://download.cnet.com/Floppy-Image/3000-2242_4-... - it's free to try doe 14 days

    Source(s): DOS experience
  • 5 years ago

    3 1/2 inch floppies went out more than 10 years ago, it is doubtful if you could find a pc today that actually has a slot for them never mind a program to read them. I'm actually shocked you still have readable ones

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