Help! my friend might kill himself?

I already know all the suicide lines, so please dont just post a phone number. I was talking to him about how he changed and he thinks theres something wrong with him. I started pointing out all the good things in him, but he wont listen. When he was little his parents fought and he hates his mom for putting his little brother in a foster home because she could not afford to take care of 2 children. He lives with his mom but he hates her and he things he deserves all of it. Ive tried talking to him, but he wouldnt tell me any more than that. He said he changed to stop cutting himself and stop thinking about suicide, but he said thats all coming back. But right now his life is a lot better than it used to be. His parents dont fight. He has lots of good friends that love him. But he just doesnt want to admitt that his life is better now. I told him he should consider talking to a psycologist, but he doesnt want to. What do I do?! he might kill himself after school. If i call the police myparents will be angry at me because im not allowed to see him or talk to him (they found out we were dating) What do I do?

2 Answers

  • 6 years ago

    It depends on how depressed he is, there are people who are so depressed that they feel its not even worth mentioning, so they just kill themselves. Then there are others who give off warning signs or come out and say it, they do this because they want to be saved or know that they can be helped or saved. If you just keep talking to him about positive things, he will come out of it. The fact that he gives off warning signs is a good thing, it lets you know he is not as depressed as the ones that just simply dont care about anything anymore, and seriously want to die.

  • 6 years ago

    You are obliged now, (because you posted it) to call the police for intervention, and have him involuntarily confined to a mental institution for observation.

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