Cross country road trip. Need suggestions for good landscapes to stop at during the way.?

I am planning a roadtrip from California to NY(then to Canada) and I want to spend some time in each state I visit, both in the cities and also in the natural famous and good sites.

I start from LA so first place I want to hit up is Las Vegas and Red Rock canyon both in Nevada.

Then onto Arizona I want to visit the grand canyon but I am not sure if there are any cities nearby worth visiting because I want to head to Utah after that and I dont wanna go too far south for Phoenix. So any suggestions would be nice.

Next would be Utahs red Canyonlands national park and Colorado would be next so I plan on staying at Moab.

In Colorado I will stay in Denver and go to the rocky mountains.

After that I am not sure which way to head towards but I certainly want to visit Nashville and then to Chicago, Detroit, Washington, Baltimore, Philly, NYC, and finally Boston.

Any Suggestions to awesome places along the way would be appreciated and also if there are good road paths besides the interstates that would be nice as well.


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    5 years ago
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    Time to clean up your mess and get you out of the cities and into more nature as c. kayak is properly suggesting

    The best way to GCNP from Las Vegas is .....

    I-15 N thru the truly awesome Virgin River Gorge > Hurricane UT > Mount Carmel Junction UT ( via Zion NP ) > Jacob Lake AZ ( North Rim GCNP ) Cameron AZ > S. Rim GCNP > Mexican Hat UT ( via Monument Valley > Hanksville UT ( via Goosenecks of the San Juan SP / Moki Dugway and the west side of Canyonlands NP) > Moab > Georgetown CO > Denver ( via Rocky Mtn NP )

    Update 1

    If you really have to go to Nashville then skip the Chicago > Detroit leg and go Denver > Tucumcari NM > Nashville

    to get to DC go

    Nashville > Ashville NC > Blue Ridge Parkway > Skyline Drive > Harpers Ferry WV > Washington DC

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      Dont get me wrong i love nature more than the cities but I have been in Cali only so far and since im making a trip like this Id really love to see the good cities as well since it might be a one time thing as I am moving out of the country afterwards and want to see as much of the good places

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  • 5 years ago

    Why are you listing so many cities when you say you want to see "landscapes"? I would not bother with Phoenix -- been there and it is nothing but urban sprawl, not much different from Denver, which I don't find very interesting.

    Detroit, Baltimore and Philly are not all that much different either -- dense city core with slums around them, a few museums, historical sites and parks but not all that much different from other cities.

    The beauty in the USA is in the wild lands in between the big cities. Las Vegas is disgusting, in my view. I would not spend an hour there if you paid me. I only go there because I can fly in and rent a car or small motorhome to head for Death Valley, which is a fantastic place in the winter months. Can't get away from the place fast enough when I get there. Tawdry and depressing place.

    Get a good road atlas and plan your trip with that. Out west at the beginning of your trip there are not a lot of choices outside the interstates and state routes but as you get farther east there are more options. If you are traveling in the Summer you would be better off staying north on I-80 rather than south on I-70 or I-40.

    Nashville is way out of the way of the other places you claim to want to see. Also pick up travel brochures for attractions at a AAA motor club if there is one in your town or check out travel guidebooks in the bookstore.

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