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求翻譯 投資銀行

Frederic Sicre, Abraaj executive director and former World Economic Forum (WEF) managing director, said:

Arif was the first person to focus on raising PE funds for investment in the region. He is the only non-Arab member of the Arab Business Council.Our shareholders and over 200 LPs have been a key competitive advantage for us.

The depth of Abraaj's local knowledge and contacts means that, when it comes to sourcing deals, we can focus on proprietary deal flow and not necessarily publicly available opportunities.

Mohamed Semary, senior vice president at Abraaj, added, "Our LPs and shareholders are an extension of our 'eyes and ears' in their respective countries. They provide us with increased regional insights as well as additional access to governments and transactions, when necessary."

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  • 6 years ago
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    Frederic Sicre,執行董事 Abraaj及前世界經濟論壇(WEF)的總經理說:



    Mohamed Semary,Abraaj 的資深副總裁補充說,“我們的有限合夥人和股東是我們在各自國家延伸的”眼睛和耳朵“。他們為我們提供了對區域更深厚的了解,以及必要時,額外獲得與政府交易的途徑“。

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  • 6 years ago

    PE Fund = Private Equity Fund = 私募股權基金 (或簡稱私募基金)

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