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會的再來of with about by

i do good things of being green這句話的文法有錯嗎?能用of嗎?如果沒有錯能告訴我這句話的意思嗎?

i opened the door by the key這樣文法有錯嗎?還是要改成with?

i do good things of being green這句文法有錯?






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    1. 請問你第一句想要表達什麼?(這樣寫不通)

    2. 是With 不是by

    With 用法:

    -在一起. 例: The manager will be with you shortly 經理等會就會過來

    -表示'有' 例:I met a guy with green eyes. 我遇到個有綠色眼睛的人

    -使用. 例:I wrote a letter with the pen you gave me. 我用你給我的筆寫了一封信

    -感覺. 例:He came to the front stage with confidence. 他很有自信的來到了舞台前

    -同意/理解. 例:She agrees with me. 他同意我(說的)

    By 用法:

    -被動式。例:the flowers were delivered by a postman. 花被郵差遞送了

    -有目標的動作。 例:you can pass the exam by preparing for it. 準備考試可以讓你考試及格。(準備考試=動作,目標=考試及格)

    -方法(交通) 例:I came here by subway 我坐地鐵來的

    Of 用法:

    -屬於___/和____有關. 例:That's the bag of my friend's sister. 那是我朋友姐(妹)的包包

    -數量 例:I drank three cups of milk. 我喝了三杯牛奶

    About 用法

    -關於。 例:I have heard all about it. 我全都聽說了

    -大約。 例:about 600 people were present. 大約600人出席了

    貼的網址裡有更多例句可參考。希望有幫助到你 :)

    Source(s): Refer to the links posted above!!
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