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are the hoods of maryland baltimore strong?

They even got bath house barry talking tough.

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    You are mighty quick to call the teenagers who began the demonstrations yesterday "hoods"...but what do you call the people of the community who came out today with rakes, brooms, cleaning supplies, food for their neighbors and the community...all working together to help with clean-up and taking care of each other? There was a 7-year-old boy interviewed on "Andrea Mitchell" of MSNBC this morning who, when asked why he had come to the mall with his broom, said "I do not want my neighborhood to look like this." One young Baltimore mother saw her teenaged son on TV participating in the mall demonstration, so she left work and came to get him...pulling her son out of the crowd and disciplining him for misbehaving. How is this "hoods"? These are American families, some protesting a murder by the police of a young unarmed 25-year-old Freddie Grey, but most of them working to keep the peace. Right now, MSNBC a black woman who is a school librarian has joined a long line of Baltimore residents standing in front of the Baltimore police officers protecting them from attacks. Talk about THESE PEOPLE, if you dare!

    President Obama was on the phone with Maryland officials and the police departments before the demonstration, so putting our incredibly effective President Obama down ("barry") in the disrespectful manner you have chosen to do shows a lack of patriotism on your part. Basic principle: If you are not constructive and part of the solution, then you become part of the problem.

    Baltimore is a city of about 625,000 people, with a 68% of these being African-American. The majority of these people are trying to keep the peace.

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    You can't be city-strong unless forfeit your fourth amendment rights and allow the government to shut down society and police to search every home and yard in your community.

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