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Professional Wrestling: What can Smashing Pumkins' Frontman Billy Corgan do to help Impact! wrestling + The Pay Issues?

Total Nonstop Action has officially hired Smashing Pumpkins' Frontman Billy Corgan as senior creative for Impact! Wrestling.

Continuing Pay issues strike TNA:

Bonus Question: What do The People think about Taz saying Money wasn't the reason he left Total Nonstop Action?

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    Billy did pretty well with Resistance Pro while he was at the books. It wasn't anything innovative by any means, but he booked a fairly good women's division, had some decent talents working for him, and booked a fairly clean cut wrestling show. That's what TNA has been for the most part since hitting Destination America, so to me, he fits. Resistance Pro was also very active and adherent to Chicago Concussion Coalition, and set forth guidelines for the wrestlers that ultimately made the promotion a safer place for it. Considering Corigan's fallout with R-Pro over backstage drama, I'm curious as tho how long he'll stick around TNA, to be honest, but I think his presence will be either benign or somewhat lucrative, if not just for the attention of having Corigan booking.

    I don't know what to believe about TNA's pay issues. Jessica Havok says she's had no issues, and I'd assume someone who gets booked as little as her would speak up, no less considering she's a woman and TNA pays them dirt cheap. Taz made an off-comment about getting a lot of paychecks at once, but I've heard so many twists to that sentence online that I don't know exactly what he meant, or if anyone truly know what he meant by the statement since he is Taz after all. It might've been another hiccup with the pay department though, TNA's definitely not immune to those.

    BQ: He might be telling the truth. He made an off remark about having heat with Josh Matthews, but refuted that as the reason he left also. If it were pay, I'd think he'd be vocal about it considering he's no longer with the company and has nothing to lose by exposing any fraudulence or misgivings. He might just want to focus on his podcast, which apparently has a lot backing it. Who knows, though? Who really knows the answer to any of this?

  • Nothing I've read indicstes that The Carter family, Panda Energy, the Discovery Channel, Destination America nor Billy Corgan have indicated that they will invest more money into TNA. Right now TNA looks like ECW did in 2000. It's going to close shop unless one or more of the aforementioned parties provides financing to cover operating expenses and Payroll.

    If what I have read in the media is true Taz has decided to pursue other Business Opportunities rahter than stick with a company that is clearly floundering. Taz has been through this before. I can't say that I blame him.

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    Lol, well, I know billy is a wrestling fan and did run his own promotion, not sure how that worked out but I can't see anyone saving the sinking ship, why anyone would try at this point is beyond me.

    BQ he just doesn't want to trash the company, I can respect that, they had their differences and are moving on. Dixie is a nice lady, the company has some good people running it, you don't see a lot of bitter ex tna employees going on their best friends podcast to ***** about tna, that is a good thing.

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    1. Having been part owner of an Indy, perhaps this means he's getting his foot in the door to buy out TNA... in any case he can't really hurt their booking so 'win-win'

    2. at this point TNA Talent getting paid 100% on Time is the news story, not that they are late/short

    3. of course it's the Money, and if not the money then the booking, and in either case he's neither the first nor the last to abandon ship

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    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. again where are the fanboys that said Panda Energy is a billion dollar corporation.


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