'out of the dust'summery(FAST)

i want to know the book "out of the dust " 's summery

better in english .

or translate to chinese is OK.

about 50-100 words, can more but not less than 50 words.

hope u know!


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    Out of the Dust is Billie Jo Kelby's first person narration ofher life near Joyce City, Oklahoma from January 1934 though December 1935 whenshe was fourteen and fifteen years old.Billie Jo's father is a wheat farmer, and although his crop hasfailed year after year, he believes that the rains will surely come andfecundity will be restored to the land. He is not so much anoptimist in his faith.Billie Jo is a participant in the horrors that confront herfamily. She witnesses death by dust, death by fire, starvation, abandonment,mutilation, and sad events. Inthose days the farmers trapped in the Dust Bowl during the height of theDepression had no options, and they either accepted and dealt with theirsituation, or they were reduced to broken, sometimes insane people. Billie Jois a survivor who relies on a balanced perspective of her capabilities,limitations, and opportunities.It is a sophisticated work of literature of Americanhistory of the 1930s.

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