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The disadvantage and advantage of exam(考試的缺點和優點)

請用英文回答(Please answer in English)



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    1.So that teachers understand the students knowledge level, students 'thinking, memory, imagination characteristics, students' attitudes and approaches, moral character and hobbies, etc., to learn more about teaching effectiveness, to regulate the teaching methods and resources.

    2. Enable students to understand their own learning outcomes, know their extent.

    3. Make students understand the achievements and shortcomings of learning, and can make improvements accordingly.

    4. Temporary resilience training, mastery of knowledge will die, with their blend of knowledge and acting freely.


    1. The students have a lot of pressure

    2. school students for examinations

    3. Students will devouring, do not understand the real meaning of knowledge

    4.The students do not want to accept the knowledge beyond textbooks

    5. The teacher will be to compare the level of achievement (eccentric) some students

    6. breach of the "Joyful Learning" purpose

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    The advantages of exam

    1. Firstly, exams can enrich students' knowledge and know about their own standards. As through exams they can understand their abilities more deeply, so next time they will try to not making the same mistakes again. Also exams can help students know the efficacy of their own learning methods.

    2. Secondly, teachers can also understand the weaknesses of the entire class and the efficacy of teaching methods . Because teachers get an opportunity to monitor and evaluate their teaching strategies according to their student's progress. When teachers are checking the papers they can see the parts that most students got wrong. Therefore teachers will improve their methods of teaching as to help them improve.

    3. Thirdly, exams promote competition among students. So they will work hard to improve their knowledge.

    The disadvantages of exam

    1. Firstly, sometimes exams are done in set conditions and restricted timing. Many times some good students may be really stressful while doing the exams. It will affect the results and they couldn't perform up to standards.

    2. Secondly, sometimes exams can be limited as sometimes teachers are teaching a fixed curriculum focused on passing a specific exam. It limits the wide range of knowledge and skills.

    3. Thirdly, the outcome exam results may lower the students' self-esteems. As different students have different results, sometimes they may compare themselves to each other. Also some of the students' parents only concern on the result of exams, the exams' results sometimes may lead to arguments in families.

    Hope it is helpful!! :):):)

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