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Why are TV versions of R-rated movies rated TV-14?

I thought TV-14 meant PG-13 and R is full of TV-MA stuff. Kick-*** is TV-14-DLV on TV, while An Unfinished Life is rated PG-13 by the MPAA and TV-14-DLSV by PTC.


Btw, PG-rated movies from the 80s and 90s have a lot of swearing cut out or edited (replaced by crap from s**t for example; think The Sandlot).

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    rating systems is a joke. its only there to prevent true "censorship". now its not a problem since Netflix exists and major premium channels like HBO and Showtime are making "proper" tv series that doesn't have to conform to the rating system since its a paid service. even cab;e channels like AMC are making series for the older audience like Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men. the days of "think of the children" are over. if people want "Rated R" entertainment they can find it.

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    Because of FCC some certain channels putting on this rated on tv version which is edited version and show commercials. They put on some violence, cut out some language and nude and sex scenes.

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