Portal to a fantasy world?

I need the beginning of an idea for a portal to a fantasy world for my book. The world has been created by a child and he's pictured the world by drawing a map. The world will come to life through his imagination (and other stuff). I need the beginning of an idea of how he would enter his world. It can't be through thoughts because his grandchild will enter it later on. I mean, he could enter the map, but it doesn't sound right to me. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you :)

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  • 6 years ago
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    Why not the map? I mean, since that is how the world has been created, it sounds right to me.

    I picture the map illuminating at night and some kind of creature flying out of it. The creature can be something like a butterfly, and the child gets out of bed and follows it into the map and, consequently, into this world, or it can have a more human-like form and take the hand of the child to guide him.

    Any decision you take, just don't choose the closet - it's been done. :)

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  • 6 years ago

    Entering the map does sound like a typical thing to do in a situation like this. He can step through it or put his hand through and realize there is a magical world on the other side, but it would be all too clichè. You need to think of the original source of how the drawings on the map happened: the pencils(or whatever he used to create the map) now I'm not going to tell you how he would get into the magical world since it's YOUR story and you need to write it, but you can come up with some pretty clever ideas with just the use of a writing utencil. Trust me, you could do a million things with this. The tool he used to draw the map could also be magical, so you can use that to your advantage as well. After that though, I'm not sure how to make the pencil correspond with the map. But likewise, I hoped I helped.

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