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大概意思就ok, 要單字

Update 2:

請問如果關於TEAMWORK or team building, 會唔會有D較好"D"字開頭的英文單字

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    無單字要D字開頭, I assume the first letter of this word is "d".

    意見者:Julie 提議 solidarity (noun), = "團結一致", 解釋很貼切

    If a group of people shows solidarity, they show support for each other or another group, especially for political or international affairs.

    Supporters want to march tomorrow to show solidarity with their leaders.

    "There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability."

    ~ by Jose Manuel Barroso (a Portuguese politician)

    簡單一些, 多數的人會明白, 大概的意思, 算是口號, D字開頭

    Divided we lose; United we win,

    改自一個 phrase:

    "United we stand, divided we fall" - a motto



    Credit must be given to 意見者:Julie


    2015-05-04 01:38:24 補充:

    "團結一致"~ 成語, 但發問者寫"團結一志"


    一志 = one will, one aspiration

    一致 = unanimous; identical

    如果"團結一致,上下一心", 最後那 phrase 是強調前面的 phrase

    solid unity 是否 acceptable?

    如果"團結一志" ( base on 回答者:Oxygen 原意)

    Determinarion and unity are what we have

    Source(s): Collins Englidh Dictionary
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    Determine and Unity


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    Depending on team work with each other and the same as if there is a will altogether.

    Source(s): Myself and Dictionary
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    The brief drift of a "D" middle translation from C/E:-

    We the people, to drill through dread not but with discipline, for our solidarity.

    To direct, to drive, to succeed with determination.

    2015-04-28 03:25:51 補充:

    Discriminate between teamwork depending on your descretion.

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    e.g. ~

    an appeal for workers' solidarity 呼籲工人們團結一致

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    There is not one singleD字開頭 word that means團結一志,上下一心.

    These two words' meanings are related to 團結一志,上下一心。

    Durable - able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.結實

    Docile - ready to accept control or instruction 溫順

    2015-04-26 07:52:20 補充:

    DonKeY, "Solidarity" is a good word.

    But if you are insistent on a word beginning with D to mean 團結一致上下一心 ,

    DEVOTION , DEVOTED and DEVOTEDNESS are words to be considered.

    2015-04-26 07:55:55 補充:



    Feeling or displaying strong affection or attachment to others

    2015-04-27 17:16:36 補充:

    teamwork - cooperation , dxxxx?

    team building - development

    2015-04-27 17:22:07 補充:

    teamwork - Do-It-Together

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